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Templar of Steel Aug 2017
The whole world ‘s a stage
So did Shakespeare say
So here I give you my play
Written out of rage

Once upon a time a man there was
No purpose was to him given
A life without meaning he had liven
His inside was filled with loss

Then it hit during the last year of teenage
A thought cold as stone
Bars made of bone
The flesh was his cage

He knew then and there
That the curse of life
Was just a bitter strife
That would hurt him as long he was here

I was him and he was me
So here my play ends
Goodbye my friends
Death is the key
  Mar 2016 Templar of Steel
Death is a gift from the unknown.
We are a cocoon in life
and in death we are a butterfly
We wave our wings
To a nearest star
With no memories
to continue our
blessings of our pasts life...
Templar of Steel Jan 2016
Painting the lily black
Tainted by the mist of my heart
It cripples and dies
Surrender to hatred
Compassion I lack
An urge to tear something apart
Resting in human cries
It smothers my hatred
As a wolf running with the pack
Acceleration burns my heart
Upset by your twisted lies
They are fueling my hatred
Templar of Steel Jan 2016
The fallen son; the first to suffer
Glorius serving heaven
Glory bless the mightiest
Cast down till the earth beneath

The ones of free will; Adam and Eve
Unable to estimate the cosequens of their actions
Was chained by the word of others
Freed by the fruit of Eden thrue the serpent

No redemption offered
Forgiven: cursed to never be
The freer of man
and the one to walk the earth

Named shared between devil and son
Named shared between devil and son
Lucifer; the lightbringer
Named shared between devil and son

Destiny shared between devil and son
Destiny shared between devil and son
Chosen by God to be neglected
Destiny shared between devil and son
Templar of Steel Jan 2016
The sun that shone so bright upon the ice
So cold, so hard, the ice, but yet so white
The water froze so long ago by lies
But then the truths revealed the shining light

The love thou have suppressed won’t fade away
Infect your mind and heart it will; again
Just let thy warm emotion free; You may
Be warmed and cared about; again

But if you let thy heart be open wide
The sun will shine on you with light divine
The one you love may with your heart coincide
Maybe the one will not but you will shine

If love, at end of life, you can’t recall
it’s like you won’t have been alive at all
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