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Hunter May 2020
It’s may.
**** territory.
Other people should be here in my place,
I’m reminded of past fights.
This is **** territory.
Hunter Apr 2020
May draws near.
I’m reminded of my fears.
That very day when life itself almost ended.
I suppose I’ll sit with my beer,
Breathe in the nicotine,
And try to forget.
Hunter Apr 2020
Life is throwing stones at me,
Holding me down,
Suffocating me.
Where’s my **** get out of jail card.
Hunter Mar 2020
My mood is like the ocean.
My happiness comes and goes,
Just the like the tide.
My anxiety comes crashing down,
Similar to the waves.
Meanwhile everything seems to pull me under,
Same as the water would.
Hunter Jan 2020
It was the 5th grade.
I’d rock back with some paper,
Crumple it up,
And shout.
And tragically miss.
Unlike the legend he never missed.
Rest In Paradise.
Hunter Jan 2020
My horoscope claimed,
Claimed that I was an explorer once,
And maybe I was.
Sometimes I look out to the ocean,
The trees and wonder.
Did I find those?
Will I discover something new?
Or did I explore emotions.
Discover heartbreak in different lands,
Trying to run away from hurt.
Because sometimes,
A stab to my chest feels like déjà vu.
Maybe we all explored pain of some sorts
Hunter Dec 2019
My joy is off and on,
This Christmas is different.
Something is trying to rob me.
I don’t know what to say,
So I’ll let my silence be my poetry.
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