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Hunter 1d
You dealt me a **** hand,
And it was up to me how to play it.
Life is too long for bad cards.
Hunter 4d
I'm not sure what it is with me,
I've never been good with friends.
I’m spiraling into the sea.
The sun still feels like rainy weather.
Hunter Oct 8
I feel like my only friend.
Lost in the corridors of my mind,
Blank spaces.
Hunter Oct 8
My head is going through cycles,
Running through the worst possible situations.
Wondering if my dreams will happen,
Or if every turn I took was my downfall.
Hunter Oct 5
Thank you for making me the happiest man alive.
In fact thanking for making a man out of me,
Keeping me in check.
Thank you most of all for being you
Hunter Sep 29
I'm her brandy alexander,
Always getting her into trouble,
But that's another matter.

We are far from home,
But we're so happy,
All alone but so happy.

Everything starts at your skin,
Your love always finds me out,
Why try to hide it?

I know we have our talks,
Our bickers,
But you can always find me where the skies are blue baby.
Hunter Sep 28
Laugh with me baby,
Jest with me baby,
Don’t ever let me feel lonely.
If I need you baby,
You know I really need you baby.
I cry at the least thing baby,
Talk to me baby,
Stay with me baby.
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