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  Apr 2020 Ella
I wouldn’t put it past you to be so shallow
Your egomaniac nature makes you far from

Your patronizing smirk
And your eyes filled with pride
At long last, revealed was the truth you could no longer hide.
Ella Apr 2020
................................I'm going
                    to the ocean,
     i'm going to the sea, 
I look at the waves
splashing up at me,
and feel the gentle breeze.
Ella Apr 2020
Don't pretend
that you were trying
to save me when
you were the one
who let me

You're nothing but a jester
exploiting me to win my crown.
Exploiting: To use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
Ella Apr 2020
You are near,
Even when I don't
see you.
You will always be with me,
even when you
are far away.
Ella Apr 2020
People don't share,
They don't even care,
It just isn't fair
that they can't spare,
I was unaware,
I didn't prepare,
So I'll just be square,
This is a nightmare.
Ella Apr 2020
Please don't lock the door,
I know that you're at war,
But let me in and share,
I really do care.

— The End —