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amber Jul 2018
a shiver moves,
throughout my body.

I hear,
your coaxing words,
in my ear.
I see,
your cold lifeless eyes,
in the dark.
I feel,
your steady bony hands,
grappling at my body.

you haunt me,
yet you are not dead.
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"The Pain"

I refuse the pains of sadness
And pay the price unwillingly
I travel from moment to moment
Evading myself
Then wonder who I am
vera Jan 2018
“i love you.”

sorry, wrong number.
- thanks for trying
Ignis Mar 2017
Barely a few years out the womb
Already they seek to entomb
To drag me by my feet
To fulfill the ends they seek

Riddle me this
With a flavorless kiss
Words whispered to my ears
******* away my human bliss

I want to be free
But they place me
In a numbers game
With many a name

Dear Lord!
With your empty words
I am a number on a list
Each contributing to this ever-growing cyst

Test me, test me
Let me see
"Learn what we teach"
I say practice what you preach
You leech

Government daycare
Slowly killing their clientele
The ones who came unwilling
Shackled in laws
Under scrutinizing stares
Of the systems eariler products
The ones who need to be molded
To fuel the ever growning hellfire

Turn The Wheel!
Be a Cog!

Our beasts of burden
Seeds for the next crop
Reaped, to grow our grain
To labor in vain
While we grow fat

Why do we subject ourselves to this
When right in our grasp
Is bliss?

It'd only require
An amount most dire
Blood made green
Filled with rottings of evil hearts
Zero Nine Jan 2017
Within a sea of many troubles

My heart goes

Unwilling as the body, too

Last made my bed in sheets of fire

Eager, so faithful of the blue
Something Quiet Aug 2015
Sunlight, clocks, alarms:
They call for us, "Wake up!"
Convincing us to stumble out of bed,
As the bedsheets, the blankets, the pillows,
Are all we have.

Bosses, teachers, parents:
They call for us, "Now work!"
We persevere through the day,
Another coffee, another biscuit,
Are all we have.

Paperwork, homework, chores:
They call for us, "No rest!"
Barely surviving, we continue,
The hopes of evening, night, and stars,
Are all we have.

Eventually, it is another day over:
There is no cheer, only a sigh of relief.
We stumble to our beds, wondering,
When did we become,
Like this?
I didn't know what to post for my first poem... I guess this is okay?
All of me contained
Attire but another layer, another mask

Wounds heal and bleed,
heal and bleed, heal and bleed,
Pain never yielding

I observe, I witness
only shadows
and not the glistening
which bore them.

Except for one
at a time.

Time between each flash
inconsistently lapses.

I feel the fear
this prolonged era.

Fear unto darkness
What remains
of my own luminescence remains
contained within.

I will bare only when a
Light pierces, blinding
all I know
when I finally open
my eyes.
Isabelle Perla Mar 2015
Like a child's first steps, I begin to trust, rely and give in.
Later on there will be hard times; I will fall on the ground.
I'll become vulnerable and childlike,
and need the assurance of a helping hand.
We need those first steps,
while it's exciting and new,
before we are jaded and unwilling
And we sit down.

— The End —