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farhan Oct 2020
In the beginning,
Life cheats death
Death wins eventually.
Jay M May 2019
Acting like everything is alright
Just fake it
Take that pain
Bury it deep inside
But what happens
When someone looks?

HEAL **** IT!!

These scars just won't fade
This, I simply cannot evade
Say nothing
I fell
Don't hold me under
Don't pull me under

Let me live
Let me have this
"Normal" childhood
While I still can

Fading, yes
But gone, no
Let me grow
Let me be what there is for me

I did wrong
But spare me!

Let me live
Don't torture me
Driving me beyond insane

I am but a child
For the sake of living
Let me

Don't rip me away
From those I love
And all I know
Let me live
Let me grow

For the sake of a child
Let me stay
Let me live...

- Jay M
May 2nd, 2019
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"The Pain"

I refuse the pains of sadness
And pay the price unwillingly
I travel from moment to moment
Evading myself
Then wonder who I am
ruby stains Jan 2015
hook-line- and -sin k er.
water {rises, festers. ;sits:
line comes up empty.
you almost had her in your grasp, but she used to be on track team as a kid and you never were athletic.
Katlego Tladi Jun 2014
If you take a minute
To watch the seconds
You'll realise
These hours
Aren't ours
They're stolen
We ought to be careful
The hands of time
Hold our futures

— The End —