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Endless Horizon Mar 2020
Sedate me with your stare
Bring me high above the clouds.
Your touch is exhilarating;
In the cover of darkness our hearts meet;
Our fingers, our thighs;
A secret is burgeoning.

You keep on stealing from me.
Your glances.
Stop; don't stop. Take it all.
My doors are unlocked.
But what does it all mean?

In my mind I rest my head,
On your shoulders;
My hands are reaching out to you
Yet our hearts never felt so far away.

Can I tell you my secret?
Your hands are rough,
But I want it around mine.
Do our lips fit like puzzles do?
Come on, lets fan the flames,
Of this candlelit romance.

Is it really you I'm meeting in the dark?

My head keeps hitting the window;
Potholes on the road.
Another day. Another dream.
The airwaves between us are silent.
Am I a fool for honing in on your signals?

It's so exciting, my one-sided romance.
I was preparing myself to hear this news.
Its okay. All I can do now is laugh.
I wonder when I'll feel like this again.
Endless Horizon Aug 2018
Nothing feels like this.
Empty feeling
Droning on
And on
People are behind me.
Can you stop? I don't want to think about that right now.
Right now.
Right now.
Can you leave?
Can I leave you?
Endless Horizon Jan 2018
You can't love me
The way I want you to
The way that I do.
You can't look at me
The same way that I do
The way I steal some
From across the room
That sometimes you do too.
You can't hold me
The way I want you to
Because I want you to
Hold my hand
And my heart
With you to
Where I'll say 'I do'
And you'll say
'I do too'.
You can't love me
The way that I do
And you won't love me
The way that I do
Because you don't
Share my view
Or see things
The way I do
But now
I'm not
The only one
Looking at you
The way I do
And loving you
The way I do
And I know he can do
So much better
Than what I do
So stop pretending
Not to know what to do
Because you know
And I know too
That you should
Chase that feeling
Grasp it
Hold it
And cherish it
Before it bids
Chase it for me
My friend
Before he, like me
Gives up too.

You can't love me
The way I want you to
The way that I do.
But love him
The way he wants you to
And want him
The way he wants you to
For I know deep down
That you want him too.
how sad
Endless Horizon Jan 2018
Please don't leave me.

All I want is to talk to you once more

All I want is to have one more day

With you

Excuses are all I can make to persuade you

To make you think otherwise


All I want is to have one more hour

With you

I will do anything to stop you from leaving




All I want is to have one more minute

With you

I will remind you of the good times we had

As well as the bad.

But who wants to dwell on the past

When you have

The future.

Do you see it now?

Do you see us?

The ones holding hands by the bay

The ones watching the movie together

The ones with their heads leaning against each other

And their hands in each others


They look inseparable


I thought we were inseparable


I thought we had forever

But forever is about to leave



Don't leave me


All I want

Is to have




With you.
hello again.
Endless Horizon Aug 2015
In the dark of night
Deep in my slumbers
My mind wanders.
Trees swaying
Glass gleaming
Snow falling


I see us.
Frolicking in the fields.
What fields?
The fields of lovers.

I see us.
By the moonlit bay
Leaving the rest of the world
Behind us

I see us.
On the top of a mountain
Embraced in each others arms

I see us.
Just how I
Pictured it to be

It is a shame
That what I see
This perfect fantasy
Only exists
Endless Horizon Aug 2015
I plead,
Take me back!
Take me away from here!
Take me from this horrid place!
The lies
The deceit
The greed
It is pungent, it is putrid
You can see it in the air.
Spreading like wildfire

Oh, take me back!
Take me back to a land
Where the grass is always greener
Where the skies are azure
Where the birds chirp
Where the trees sway
Where the breeze flows gently.

No one is there to answer me
As I lay on the damp, dark ground.
I could feel myself slipping away
Into nothingness
Or perhaps
Into a deep sleep.
I cry my last
And see
That they were there all along
Standing idly by
Never stopping to mind the now cold body
Lying on the sidewalk.
Endless Horizon Aug 2015
My heart has been
Yet I seem to be going in circles

I yearn for something
That I don't seem to understand.
This feeling inside
It is consuming me.

Should I let it continue?

should I surrender?

My heart has been

Yet my heart always leads me back to you
Awwwks. Okay nvm. Just a quick one as it seems that it will soon BE A YEAR since I made my first trending poem, *In another city. In another town.* I'm so happy with what I've accomplished this past year. Thank you all so much :)))

Shoutout to Blackness and Winter Silk bc why not :) #spon
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