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Cole Cummings Jun 22
Before I met you,
I had only ever drank draft beer and never been on a hike.
I look forward to working out with you on a stationary bike.

I never did anything like buy flowers, or ever want to hold hands,
But with you, I feel something grand.
The cliche that we met, the love at first sight,
It isn't like the movies, but I think that's alright.

You are a spitfire that causes a slow burn,
And now the fire in my heart will ignite,
In the evening with the moon full,
You are such a beautiful, pure sight.

When my fingers touch yours, idle on the bed,
I cant help but let warm thoughts
Seep into my head.

Button mashing beauty,
Your eyes see through me,
Every country song we sang
The notes in my head rang

As you squeeze my hand again,
I like us more than friends,
Don't make me just pretend,
I'm not thinking of you again.

I’ve never had someone over as much as you,
I know i'm a mess, and you’re feeling blue
But i'm working hard to better myself,
So you don't just put me back on the shelf.

You are a dork, but then so am I,
You mean so much to me, can't you see why?
I don't open up often, not prone to cry.
But somehow with you I don't have to hide.

So please kiss me once more,
Outside of my door,
Let me watch you drive up to my place,
You'll see the smile on my face
A man so lucky,
With a dream divine,
One day, I swear,
I'll call you mine.
you poor sap sucker...
Cole Cummings Jun 22
Answering the question,
I may have mentioned
Over a dozen or so times.

Will you hold my hand,
Make me feel so grand
My quarter in a world of dimes.

Im happy around you,
Even blue has a brighter hue
The perfect syllable to end in a rhyme.

Kiss me under streetlights,
Steal me away for the long nights,
Make me your perfect crime.

Caught in between friends and more
Feels like an endless war,
A revolving paradigm.

I know you aren’t sure,
But I’ll try to assure
You are worth the climb.

Words are tough,
My thoughts get rough
But next to you I shine.

I might be a sap,
And it’s a lot to unwrap,
But i cannot wait for the time,
I won’t be able to say,
She’s ‘Not Mine’.
how young and dumb i was.
Cole Cummings Jun 18
Hey again.

I suppose it's been a while since we have talked, yeah?

I still miss you.

It still hurts sometimes, knowing you’re gone.
Down this path, the road a mile too long.
Wishing you could help me right all the things that i've done wrong,
Or tap my foot along with you to your favorite song.

I know it isn't much, but i'll keep you in my heart
Every beat i'll think of you, but that's only just the start,
Now i'm crying every night, flooding my room just after-dark
Soon i'm gonna need a paddle, soon i'll need to build an ark

When i hear an engine run, i think of all the fun
I miss the road trips to Iowa, i miss being your son
There are so many more things i wish i could've done
Start a family with you here, make you proud, my number one.

This tight pain in my chest,
With all the secrets that i kept,
The lonely nights where i stayed up,
Broken and depressed,
I cannot sleep, barely eat, hardly get my rest
I miss you dad, i always have
Just know you were the best.

At twenty three it's hard to see,
A future once so bright,
I'm searching for, the answer or
Some philosophy or might,
The strength to stand, to be a man,
That i can be, I'll fight
So one more time,
I’d like to hear
How you’re so proud of me.

Like a recorded dream, I’ll believe it still,
The hopes sitting on my window sill
But i know i cannot reach you there
Not with bottles, or razors or pills.

If I could just talk with you again,
Maybe things wouldn't feel so sad,
We could catch up like old friends,
I'd really like that, dad.
Cole Cummings Jul 2019
She doesn’t want to hurt me,
But she’s already burnt me.
Flickered flame,
The sound of her name,
I’m undeniably attracted to the pain,
I wonder if I asked her to stay,
Against all odds would she remain?

Guess life’s too complicated,
Just us commiserated,
My thoughts not entirely sated.
I really wish we could have dated,
Remember apartment where it’s shaded,
Not all the feelings that I have are truly satiated.

I want to be there for you,
I just want to be your come through.
Help her learn to tie her shoes,
Like all good fathers should do.

But I’m a mess, you say you’re a wreck,
Something I’ve come to detest.
You say you aren’t enough, not the best,
But I think you are so much better than the rest.

You’ll never be alone, without a home,
This I’ve come to know.
One day your daughter will be grown,
On her own,
And the single tear will be shown.
That’s the life that you live,
The things that you did,
All for a kid.
The most important thing in the world,
There’s nothing more precious than
Your baby girl.
These poems are pretty much all i have left from keeping me from going insane.
Cole Cummings Jul 2019
Summer shandy Sandy,
The hints of lemon sour
Crack a bottle on the hour,
I practically drink it in the shower,
I should quit you but I don’t have the power.

A quick take to addiction,
My body gives into submission,
My friends all tell me to listen,
But it’s your cold taste I’ve been missing.

I struggle with the cravings,
Suicidal ravings,
Dashed to bits on pencil shavings,
Written in shame, but I ain’t praying.

Oh, Summer Shandy Sandy,
I miss the long walks,
The quiet talks,
The bomb drops,
Tell me to stop,
But I need to drink,
Don’t want to think,
About the hours later in the kitchen sink,
Where you and I could commiserate,
When I have you I don’t need no dinner plate,
You put me in a sorry state,
No real plans to situate,
But when I’m with you I’m feeling great.

Oh, Sweet Summer Shandy Sandy,
I miss the feeling,
This copacetic healing,
You’ve got my stomach reeling,
But my heart is hearing,
The low tone notes repeating,
The bottles chilled, thought I was beating,
Her sirens calling, but I’m still reaching,
For that sweet sinful cold embrace,
Of her twist off cap, and that smooth, rich grace.
Not actually about a beer, in case it wasn't obvious.
Cole Cummings Jul 2019
Another late night
Staring at my phone
I’m feeling so alone
I know I say that I have grown
But man I should have known
How that was a lie
Just like you and I
I don’t know why
I cannot empathize
With your feelings inside
What you are trying to hide
You say it’s over but I can’t cope
This just friends **** hurts the most
Yeah I know it was for the best, but it don’t
Feel like either of us is as happy as
We could be, just two of us having
What should be, reminiscent of
Couch conversations and quiet
Reservation, the chill down my spine
As you kissed me... ****
I miss the stupid things for sure
Like how ‘not enough’ you thought you were
But I would be the one to tell you first
There could be a million others and I’d still
Pick her.

****, what am I doing
Guard my heart, focus on healing,
Replace the loneliness with weight lifting
Maybe then I can feel something
Run miles on treadmills
Just to sprint away from the problems
‘Cuz overcomplications?
Man I don’t wanna solve em’
And if she ever wants to choose me for real?
Well I’ll open myself up and tell her how I feel

Till then it’s bottled up,
Tell myself to shut up
Wanna tell her all the things inside my head
Yeah she got me ****** up,
Just a few words a day ain’t really enough
I want long deep introspective
Followed up with romantic directive
Wish I could change my perspective
And see that she is protective
Of my innocent soul
And my fragile world
And let me tell you
She has the cutest baby girl
But I’m not the guy
To stop her crying at night
Make sure those laces are tight
Tell her that she’s strong and
To stand up and fight.

Instead I’m the one on the sidelines
Just warming the bench
Tear ducts are dry
Think I’m all but spent
I get to watch as some guy who dipped when the going got tough
Come back like its all good,
He’ll probably split when it’s rough.
But I can’t really judge,
Cause I don’t know him all that well
Just the little bits and pieces
You had decided to tell
I really don’t want to watch this blow up
And turn to smoke
Leave you feeling worthless
Like you’re the broken joke
The pitiless punchline
Battered, bruised over time
Stuck in this revolving half-love

I wonder if she knows that i will always ******* care, about the way she holds herself, the way she braids her hair, I thought someone who sticks around was pretty rare, people come and go, trust me I’ve been there. So I don’t feel hurt at all that you apprehensive to a fault, throw all your feelings locked away inside a vault, but I’m finessing the tellers to help me get inside, to see the truth of where all of your reasonings reside.
sorry for the explicit content, but i just felt so... raw.
Cole Cummings Sep 2018
Maybe it’s nothing
It’s possible I'm looking at something
Not actually there.

I feel like… I'm drowning.
The words in my throat are heavy,
I'm choking on air.

All these things I could say,
That i want to.
The emotions I could share.

Maybe I just want you to know
You are wanted,
You are cherished for,
And cared.

I'm too quiet,
I don't say things at the right time.

All I do is write down my thoughts,
In a haphazard sort of rhyme.

I know I'm rather boring,
Not nearly worth the wasted hours

But my life is sunny now,
Before it was rains and showers.

I'll probably never find the courage to tell you
And let you walk away,

But just know at that moment in the bar,
I felt something that day.
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