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Jamie Jul 2020
I weep silently
As I grip the recyclable material
Apologising profusely

I am sorry

I know you
Do not wish
To spend more money

I am sorry

I really try
Another episode surfacing
I just can't, without a doctor

I am sorry

You try and
Find excuses to
Revoke the dosage

I am sorry

I really am, sorry that is
I didn't ask to be this way
I didn't hand-pick you
I really am sorry
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2018

A word I have always hated

Am I insane?
Should I be locked inside an asylum?
Perhaps put on medication?

Please do not patronize me by exploiting my insecurities in a condescending manner

I told you where my soft spots were in confidence hoping you would understand
Hoping you would speak with a sliver of sensitivity

I'm regretting that now as you aquire a taste for the way it sounds in your mouth
You save it for those moments where you really want to see me boil over

The reason why I hate being referred to as crazy is because I am somewhat psychotic
I am already scared of my own irrational behavior as it is
I am terrified of my slipping grasp on reality
I know I am crazy

I don't need you to remind me
I'm gonna show you crazy
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
It was an innocent day
As another person
Went in with a gun
And shot them all.

The conversation will be of gun control
And how we need to ban them all
Or something absurd like that
Because we somehow think prohibition will solve our problems.

People with guns
Aren’t going around shooting people for fun
Unless they are the police (or the government) or the mentally unstable
Is that so hard to realize?

We need to watch our militarized government
And we need to get better care for those who have a really tough time
Getting through this life
And maybe sympathy for the mentally unstable would be okay?

Something drove them to go and shoot a few
Something bad
Psychopaths aren’t created by nature
But keep on yelling about banning guns.

You do indeed deserve the right to bear arms
I wholeheartedly support it
Besides, do you even realize why the amendment exists in the first place?
Incase your government became overbearing.

Now isn’t that funny?

— The End —