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PrttyBrd Mar 2019
I haunt the shadows of your thoughts

My nails rip from their beds
clawing sanity
just trying to climb out of
my feelings

my fight leaves breadcrumbs
but light causes shadows
even in the brightest smile

and while I prefer the shade
...or used to

I churn to life in that place where
my ebb meets your flow


You haunt the shadows of my thoughts

You run non-stop
floating on surface tension
knowing the pit is hollow just seemed easier that way

My kindness
as comforting as it is cruel
in the shadows behind a smile
that blinds me

It feels like magic
where your ebb meets my flow

Float on that surface tension
I'll wait in the hollow

It's hard to move when we
neither run nor chase
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
I hand
you my heart.
Basically giving to
you on a platter. And
what do people do with it?
in a society where artificial
is praised; the immoral and
cruel rule this world. And
in order to survive, I've
had to become cruel
because, let's face it
the world doesn't
like nor do nice.
Back on topic.
When I give
you my he-
art, I give
you all.

So love the shadows that wraps my soul.
...Ain't it funny when you give someone your heart,
You become a sacrifice. All it takes is a knife to see
it through....
K Lupus Aug 2017
Umbral passing reaching its prime
A quarter gone groping to shine
Moonlit alley I gaze upon
Crescendo fortissimo, again it ran
Lunarian face against a long one

Sympathizing in lieu of closing
Celestial suffocating in darkness
Sorrow devours this singularity
Both carving its way across the stars
Agonizing every dust found in galaxy
Blood Moon and Me
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
A woman stands strong and sensuous and proud
Her mind a fractured mirror cloaked in fog
Shard by shard
The bayonet finds her way, following the sweet scent of the ****** rose
Wielding her Scarborough Fair
The sass of Parsley
The wisdoms of Sage
The touch of Rosemary
The passage of Thyme

The woman
Born of the dark side of the moon
With powers untold
Able to twist and bend the spindles of shadows and time
Lips full and glazed with cardinal sin
Slick locks of ebony
A perfumed 500 year blur
With the night's lunar charm that twinkles in her eye
And butterflies that swoon for their Madama
The blood child born of the union of the sun and moon
The black sheep of the dark arts
Is one with the most beloved of Umbran treasures
Is the sweetest cherry with a long-forgotten radiant smile,
A harsh destiny
Who looks to the left side of the moon for the upcoming chaos.
Based on one of my favorite games, Bayonetta. This is a poem I wrote in my journal today also!
Diána Bósa Nov 2016
Trying to find my
solace in the moon of the
Fall for I lack the

lunar halo and
the velveteen, onyx shade
of yours. I wish to

be the one who at
once will make you whole, but you
are still concealing;

still hiding thyself
away behind a moonbeam
smile like a helpless

umbra does in the
sheltering embrace of the
dazzling paraselene.

— The End —