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The sky is looking at us from a safe distance.

"Sorry, you have to face it", I'm telling to my mirror every morning.

If you think that you love me, I love your way of thinking.

Everything is strange, nothing is unusual.
they were my building blocks
before they made me turn the world into chaos
they broke me

The "People" say I misused them
they no longer heal
they hurt

I've shut doors
and darken the paths of many
with just words.
reason why i've been quiet lately
  Mar 28 Maitsholo
Felix Hackberry
What a time to be alive,

New day, mask on,

The eyes, they don't lie,

Is your character off/on?
  Mar 28 Maitsholo
This isn't a romance.
It's hardly even a friendship.
Why are you showing me this?
Maitsholo Mar 28
Alone in a room
No sort of distraction
I can feel my emotions vigorously fighting each other
I can't stand the fight
My mind, BLANK

I feel some peace
No longer in this world
In the que to enter the heaven's gate
Don't know how my welcome is gonna be.

The que seem not to be moving anymore
They say it's not yet my time
And I am not willing to go back
Been waiting so long for this

The department seem too slow
Trying to help
I consumed poison
My heart fueled with love and joy
My mind at rest
My soul at peace
The pain was no more
Feeling unconscious

After a while
I woke
And I was sent back to hell (to the world)
I did not prepare for rejection
Don't know what am gonna tell them
I left them in tears
Maitsholo Mar 25
Evil of all roots

Are feelings that come with it part of the roots?

I mean the pain it brings when is no where to be found.

I mean the joy it brings when is around.

It came between me and her
It brought conflict
One felt superior and de other felt inferior.

It left hate

Is there love in it?
Its absence is destroying most because we demand it for progression to take part.
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