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  Feb 8 Maitsholo
Zoe Mae
Or spotlight
Let's dance
This night

Or maestro
We can

Cha Cha?
Oh, na na
I'd rather

Slow dance?
Oh, no chance
It's simply
A love trance
Realize Hello Poetry made this public before I wanted it to. Anyone who has to see it again, just ignore it like most people do.
  Feb 4 Maitsholo
Wynn Star
Am I to young for this?
The hate I see unveiled
It spreads like the sickness
Am I too young for this?
My body is weak and hurt
It begs for forgiveness
Are we to young for this?
Maitsholo Feb 4
I was caged with darkness
Anger was my only friend
My enemies were the ones who couldn't tolerate my friend

There was no good me
There was only the impatient, aggressive and troubled me.
I hated many with passion
and expected good things to come my way

I was lost
  Jan 28 Maitsholo
Eshwara Prasad
In my life's journey, I met others who, like me, had lost their way.
  Jan 26 Maitsholo
She keeps songs
locked away in boxes
like secrets.
She will take them out
like postcards
to help her remember
the feeling of
a different time,
a different person
by her side.
She likes the one
that makes her
eyes close
to see the lights.
She smiles at
the one that  
makes her stand
up on tiptoes,
the one that
helps her forget
she doesn’t know
what to do
with her hands.

The tune
will carry her.

Like it did
the times when
voices broke
like a heart.
When instruments’ strings
would snap
and hurt.
Maitsholo Jan 19
Heart destroying me
Trying to please everyone
Mind looking out for me
But it's overworking itself
Wanting to fill all the holes the heart leaves behind
Now am overthinking everything
coz my mind is all over
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