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Maitsholo Jan 4
Thoughts deceiving us in every way
Clouding true meanings of everything
Everything seems like a fairytale or a dream come true.
Reality hits hard when you wake up from a nightmare that fell into the day
You catch yourself day dreaming of things that can't come into existence
Snap out of it
You running out of time
  Dec 2023 Maitsholo
Barbara R Maxwell
Smiles are everything

They can warm the heart
They brighten up a room
They can touch the spirit
They reach the sun

Smiles are everything

They are the difference between light and dark
Start the day
They are magic

Smiles are everything

They can make friendships
Resolve differences
Warm the world
Bridge issues
Heal wounds

Smiles are everything
  Dec 2023 Maitsholo
I am so sorry.

For every time I hurt you..

For every cruel word I’ve ever said to you..

For not seeing what you needed most..

For not being kind to you as much as everyone else..

For every tear you have wasted..

For every time I stepped on your heart..

For every time I didn’t believe in you..

For every time I didn’t listen to you.

I am so sorry.

For ripping you apart..

For destroying the beautiful things in you..

For always making you pay the price..

And I apologise for all the wrongdoings I caused you!

Forgive this fallible human that is you.

I am so sorry.
Maitsholo Dec 2023
Careful! Careful!
That's dangerous!
Do you know how it works?
It exploded,
right in my face!
They said it's beautiful
That's half truth
They forgot to mention, it's also destructive

I had a manual
But it was general
Because I built accordingly,
I swear
I followed every step correctly
I read it couple of times,
but missing a POINT.
A point saying, it goes both ways
It either bloom or explode
Maitsholo Dec 2023
We said we gonna take it slow...
Until our first date,
We realized that we were driving at 180km/h,
Imitating Micheal Schumacher.
Forgetting at the end of the road there's a sharp turn
We crashed.

I know love kills, but a slow death
So, I thought...I'd find cure for this love
Not realizing, this love is not poisonous but corrosive
It is very toxic as a Sulfuric acid
Once it gets hold of you
It shreds you into nothing
Same time we forget about your existence
That's what this love does
  Aug 2023 Maitsholo
Eshwara Prasad
Enough means happiness.
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