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Purcy Flaherty Sep 2018
The evening breeze,
the rhythm of the trees,
the song of love,
the honey bees,
I climb back under the covers
and dream of traveling horses,
starry skies, valleys and plains;
from which the mountains rise.
I keep my feet upon the ground.
She keeps her eyes upon the road.
Our souls, wild and fertile, roaming with desire,
Our souls, wild and fertile, roaming with desire,
but love ?
In that she is replete;
traveling from A to Z.
and i'm happy for her.
Gypsy, travelers,  Romanys,  New age travellers,  troubadours Pixies
PrttyBrd Nov 2014
here's to all the beautiful people
with cracked facades and glorious souls
to the ones transparent and forgotten
who's mind's hear in rainbows and see in music
here's to the true odists and bards
who share their laughter and shine through pain
to all the invisibles within which the only true beauty resides
may you always share your truth
may we never become blinded to your grace

— The End —