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Aaron LaLux Apr 2018
here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime,

so we separate once again and go on our way,
always running away,
and never finding the time to make a home,
just finding different places to stay,


we’ve waited too long,
and I’m ready now,
I know I ******* up but you ******* up too,
well to build a house it takes a few screws,

so come back,
build this house with me,
let’s pour the foundation,
and leave our past buried in that concrete,

and yeah it’ll be hard work,
but anything that’s worth it always is,
and I’m tired of finding reasons to die,
I want to find some reasons to live,

live with me,
I mean really,
live with me,
in this reality,

and I want to explain this all to you,
but you’d probably think it’s a bit too heavy,

plus you’ve got your own baggage,
so why would you want mine,
I mean we both travel so much,
that we know there’s a 2 bag limit on most airlines,

but I don’t mind,
I’ll let you lay your luggage upon me,
I’m stronger now a can take the wait,
tell me all your troubles above ground under palm trees,

on our own island,
safely harbored from that sea of troubles,
we’ve been blown off and popped to many times,
but we don’t need them anymore we have our own bubble,

and I love it in here,
in this world we created,
but just when I start to feel safe,
and think that we’ve finally made it,

we both go ahead and break it,

all those lines we wrote down as vows get forgotten,
and the same pencil we used to write that page we use to erase it,

and you ran away like you always have,
because you’d rather turn your back on your reflection than face it,

and that’s okay I guess,
if you’re gonna go you’re gonna go no matter what I’m saying,

and if you love them,
set them free,
so I let you go without saying a word,
and watched you walk away again for another eternity,

and now I’m left alone again,
and everything reminds me of you,
the beach the sun my breathe,
even the classes I take in Jiu Jitsu,

can’t sleep,
because when I lay in bed you’re not there,
and that gives me that pain in my stomach,
and that desperate feeling of despair,

can’t eat,
because all food reminds me of our meals together,
can’t go out,
because even when the sky is clear it feels like stormy weather,

and I know this sounds corny but whatever,
this is our Love Story and no one is going to write it for us,
and we’ve been apart for too long,
and we deserve to explore us,

and I’m ready,
finally after all these years,
but as soon as I think I’m ready,
instead of standing strong I break down into tears,

and I don’t want you to see me cry,
because it’s embarrassing,
I’m a man men don’t cry,
and I want to speak up but I say nothing,

I’m all out of words,
and can barely breathe,
feels like my soul is being crushed,
so how do you expect me to speak,

it’s a challenge just to breathe,
can’t sleep nor do I want to wake up,
just want to find a way somehow,
to get back through to you so hopefully we can make up,

but it’s not up to me,
it’s up to you,
I just hope,
you realize soon,

before it’s too late,
and we’re both gone for good,
back into the world from which we came,
back above the clouds but still misunderstood,

can’t return to Heaven,
until we earn back our wings,
and we’re not going to find our reception,
until we learn a few more things,

and we’re not going to learn,
until we grow up and face each other,
not only as friends and soul mates,
but also as fellow beings and eternal lovers,

there’s work to do,
and I’m ready if you’re willing,
and there’s no time to lose,
because time is constantly ticking,

can’t get back a single moment once it’s gone,
and the moment is now so let’s not hesitate,
because we are timeless anyways,
so we are never late,

we measure time by lifetimes,
and I’ve waited a few to see you again,
and just when I finally think we’ve finally made it,
you go ahead get up and just run away again,

here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime…

∆ LaLux ∆
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Aaron LaLux Oct 2016
I know,
haven’t written a love letter in awhile,
so here,
we go,
another love letter,

an infatuated reminder,
that I still love you,
and I see you out there growing,
and I want you to know I’ll be waiting,

when you’re ready to come home,

look at you,
what a beautiful being you’ve become,
to you this love letter is written,
and from me is where it’s from,

or stay,
come here,
or go away,

either way I love you,
always have and always will unconditionally,

and I know we don’t see each other,
as much as we ideally should,
but we don’t live in an ideal world,
even though we probably could,


you please accept this love letter,
it’s okay the postage is already paid,
I’ll write it if you read it,
and if you come back this time I promise I will stay,

I’ve learned,
that to let you go was one of my biggest mistakes,
and I think about you constantly,
especially when the tides rise and the earth quakes,

you were the metronome for my heart beat,
I felt you everywhere and I saw you in everything,
actually you ARE the metronome for my heart beat,
and I still feel you everywhere and see you in everything,

I feel you,
I know you are struggling,
but you’ve gotta lose some battles to win the war,
so really all that trouble isn’t that troubling,

it’s cool,
their stress is not your stress,
you don’t need to stress I’ve got you,


we are usually on the other side of the world,
we are usually in other peoples arms,
but this is unconditional love,
so no matter what I’ll always be yours,

yours truly,

Aaron La Lux…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Just a reminder
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Red eyes no bullseye,
high off our mark,
distracted by addictions,
it’s apparent from our scars,

don’t know where the day went,
intense so I escape in a tent,
camp out just to lamp out without any ill intent.

Since when,

did our past define us,
our destiny we manifest,
sometimes we have to remind us,
that we angels were Heaven sent,

that scent,
mixes with the wind,
sea breeze and coconut knees,
I’m ready when you are just say when,

since when,
were names so appropriate,
Scarlet’s a darling far from a harlot,
actually she’s abstaining,

since when,
were you so absent from class that,
you forgot the facts that,
all women are divine even when abstinent,

I’d rather be,
laying in this hammock with a Goddess that’s abstinent,
than rubbing,
when clubbing,
wasting time with a drunken **** that will soon be a has been,

not even a faction,
not even a fact,
I want the real artist,
I don’t want a bad act,

I want laughter,
I want rushes,
and with her we get all that,
it all comes in bunches,

her inner instinct is distinct,
and much more than just what a hunch is,

what’s for lunch kid?

Let’s have a pic-nic this instant and then get down to business,
actually let’s scrap the deal and forget all about business,

let’s get up let’s get up let’s get up and ride like the wind,
let’s let God be our witness,

we’re in this,
no limits,
no gimmicks,
no scrimmage,
no sewage,
no sadness,
no losers,
so tragic,
the truth is,
abuse but,
their tactics are madness,
so when they step,
we make them back track with,
apologies “So sorry please,
I didn’t mean to try to take,
all of your Light Energy.”,
ok I accept their pleas,
then tell the fickle fleas “Peace,
I think it’s time for you all to flee.”,

And their gone,
along the whispers in the wind,
and we’re in the hammock again,
Scarlet and I off the mark and still high,
gone like the wind our world continues to spin,
distracted by our addictions,
which is apparent from the scars we wear on the body we’re currently in,

with red eyes,
no bullseye,
no bullSh!t,
just true facts,

think about the best thing you could ever do in your life,
and rest assured we’ve done are doing or will do that.

All true in other words,
all true facts,

from Venus to Mars with,
a darling named Scarlet,
she leaves a print on my soul,
no crayon or marker,

no mark,
no start,
no finish,
no gimmicks,
just this,
life we live that we live to the limit,

with words that are all true,
in other words all true facts.

yet exact,
we rush forward,
then step back,
heartbeats and feelings,
all part of our lives’ soundtrack,

Sounds rap,
upon the windows of my soul,
in the form of the flicker in her eyes,
which is a response to the moon’s glow,

and it is then that I know,

that she is a magical creature,
that I could write about on pages for ages,
but then I feel her beauty is so pure,
that I don’t even wish to display it on literary stages,

so I just stop writing,
and give one last look at her by candlelight,
I give thanks for her in this moment,
then I finish my rhyme and go outside into the tropical moon night…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

— The End —