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  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
Is it possible to be born 1000 times over
In a single lifetime?
To find new ways to feel the sun,
Even brighter reflected in your eyes
The air is different in a world
Existing beside you
Knowing that you are breathing it too
Has given it new meaning
In the same way my lungs collapse
And reform with every gasp
I will take you in
You have outshone the sun
I will be reborn in this love
1000 times over
  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
It's okay not to fall in love,
Some of us must climb.
  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
If I told you the truth,
Where my heart sleeps
And my mind wanders,
Would you still call this love?
  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
When faced with a mountain,
I discovered that I could climb
A raging river in my path,
I learned how well I could swim
In the midst of hatred,
I knew the depths of my love.
  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
I haven't been kissed in the rain
No one will look after my garden
Sophia hasn't had her first day of school
I never finished that book
I have laundry to fold
I didn't tell my mom I love her today
Tomorrow might be better

Tomorrow will be better.
  Jul 2020 Charleen L Nicholson
In order to break the cycle
You have to be willing to be called crazy
To be told you are making a huge mistake
They tell you this
They make you feel it
You'll question yourself
But in the end
Your the cycle breaker not them
Don't expect them to understand your message
They don't know what you're after
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