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Big Virge Apr 2
So Most People Now Know...
That When It Comes To Rap Flows...

Is Needed When Rhyming...
To Have People Liking...
The Rhymes You’re Reciting... !!!

So... TIMING Is Key...
To Be One Who Is Seen...
As The Type of Emcee..
And Writes GREAT POETRY... !!!

Just Like... CLEVER Verse...
That’s Used In Spoken Words...

Where Timing Is Something...
That Gives Your Lyrics...
A Flow That Is DOPE...
That Can Get You Well Known... !!!

Like Those Who LACK Timing...
That’s Good Like Fine Dining... !!!
Like Names Now Displaced...
From Groups Like The... FA...

That’s Right Like Greg Clarke... !!!
Whose Had To Disembark...
From His High Profile Role...
Because of Some Quotes...

That Had Him Relating...
Black Players Are Coloured...
And That Those Who Are Gay...
Have CHOSEN That Way... !!!

And That South Asians Choose...
To Sit In... IT Rooms...
Rather Than Put On Boots...
And Face Football Abuse... !!!

And That Girls Are TOO SOFT...
To Embrace Football Socks...
When ***** Are Hit At Them...
In Ways That Could FLATTEN...

So Now Some Have COMPLAINED...
And Have Now Made The CLAIM...

That His Words Were BLUNDERS...
That Should Now Be SMOTHERED...

And Should NOT Be HEARD...
In This NEW DIVERSE World... !!!

So His Timing Is OFF... !!!
And Is NOW Clearly Wrong... !!!
So Should Not Keep His Job...
And Should Really Be Gone... !!!

When People of Colour...
Is A Phrase That Is Used...
In... Global Newsrooms... ?!?
That He’s Been TOLD To Use... !!!

And That Was His EXCUSE...
Which Was Quickly Rebuked... !!!

Even Though That Is TRUE...
And Could Clearly Be Proved... ?
But Now He’s Resigned...
Cos' The Timing Is Right... ?!?

As If This Will Bring...
A Timing of Things...
That Will HINDER Racists...
As Well As Sexists...
And Those Who Resist...
All These New Gender Swings...

So This Age Is Inviting...
A Timing That’s Fighting...
For Vibes That Now See...
How Things Really Should Be...

One of... “ DIVERSITY “...
Where Equality’s SEEN... !!!

A Timing That’s FRIGHTENING...
To Speech That’s Been Flying...
Throughout... CENTURIES... !!!

I Mean... SERIOUSLY... ?!?

Peoples’... HYPOCRISY...
... Is Now Seen BLATANTLY... !!!

When Throughout HISTORY...
As We’ve Seen CURRENTLY...
In Trumps... Presidency... !!!

That Certain Folks Timing...
Is... NOT Paralysing...
When It Comes To Their Speech...
That Is Far From... “ P.C. “... !!!

But Biden’s VICTORY...
And News of A VACCINE...
That Could Now Remedy...
This Corona Disease... ?!?

Has A Timing That’s SWEET...
According To Peeps’...
Within Media Teams...
And Government Schemes... ?!?

That Will Suddenly Feed...
A Timing That Seeks...
To Bring... “ Normality “...
Back To...... Humanity......

Well I Hope Folks Can See...
That Things Now Aligning...
With Modern Day Timing...
May Well Be DEPRIVING... !!!

... Societal Dreams...
of EVER... Being FREE... !!!

Because of The Timing...
of Things Like... 5G...
And NEW Technologies...

That May Well Be Guiding...
Young People To Be...
In A World Globalising...

UNLIKE Nordic Vikings...
Who’d Rather Be FIGHTING...

Than Choose To SUBMIT...
To The Type of Remits...
That Now FUEL Politics... !!!

That Seem Like They’ll RESTRICT...
How It Is That They’ll Live...

In A World Now DIVIDING...
More Than It’s... UNITING... !!!

To Find... Qualities...
That Like GREAT Poetry...

Relies On PRECISE... !!!

.......... “ Timing “.........
It's something that affects, numerous things ! ©
Lyra Brown Jul 2013
timing is probably the most important thing
in the entire universe
when you really think about it -
it's like when a certain record comes out
and it defines that entire era
of your life
like the summer of 2001 when I was nine,
in the car with my dad on a hot summer day
and he stumbled upon "I'm Like A Bird" on one of the stations,
and we turned it up, rolled the windows down,
and we knew that that song would always be
and it's truly just so crucial to our existence,
the timing of things -
like when I met this beautiful person on the internet
who soon after became my best friend
and turned my whole life around. but the timing of it
was perfect and had i not met her right on that day of that month
of that year, i probably would not be remotely close
to who i am today.
and I already know that this summer is going to be associated
with Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories', with "Get Lucky" blaring loud
on every stereo in the city,
it will remind me of Eisley's album, "Currents", and the song "On My Balcony"
by the band, Flunk.
Six months from now when I look back on the summer of 2013,
I will think of those songs and those records,
I will think of how hard I was trying to stay afloat and become
a better person, for nobody but myself,
and how good of a job I was doing with the action
of letting go of things that were toxic for me.
I will think of blonde hair and dancing in the rain, hot sweaty shifts
running around a crowded restaurant, being sad about how much time
I still have left until I get to see my favourite person again, and I will think of
boredom and sunburns and bad poems and love and hope and willingness
to overcome fear. And music. So much music.
This isn't really a poem but more of a very lengthy acknowledgment
regarding the importance of timing, especially perfect timing,
and how even bad timing is usually disguised as
perfect timing in the end.
Sean C Johnson  Feb 2013
Sean C Johnson Feb 2013
There must be a scapegoat, a faceless soul we can blame
when events unfolding never crease the right way
there needs to someone to take the fall
for our shortcomings, failures, mistakes and flaws
let's name it timing
the outlandish ideal with a sort of silver lining
benefiting our dreams or disappointing based on your outlook at the second
placing our losses on timing's plate, so to us it remains indebted
the divine invention we haphazardly sink our faith towards
faulting opportunity for not opening closed doors
falsely accusing an innocent occurrence with words of curse in nature
we'll just chalk it up to poor timing, and bury it for later
the concept of allowing an unmovable force dictate our actions
selfishly choosing when the timing suits our satisfaction
poor timing, missing the chance of a unmatchable proportions
minimal effort to a particular cause turned twisted words contortions
to cleverly claim the culprit, when your very actions displayed a lack of determination
it's not the moment's patience
that forces your will to put the act in motion
yet we chalk it up to timing, a peculiar notion
a cloak of deceit and disbelief we wrap ourselves in, blaming an unworthy malefactor innocent as the sun is bright
so let's just call it poor timing, leaving our passion-less actions out of sight...
Lou Morgan Mar 2016
Chemistry was cheering us on,
but Timing was fighting against us.
I could always hear Chemistry yelling our names,
but Timing was making it rough.
Chemistry was on our side,
trying to help us win that war.
She fought long and hard and never gave up,
but truth was we needed Timing more.

Timing cheered when we lost,
he would not let us forget.
Chemistry held us close,
she whispered "this isn't over yet."
So now we sit and we wait,
wondering what happens next.
Because Chemistry is sitting ready,
Timing will be put to the test.
Dead Rose One Sep 2019
“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)

objects, humans, surprise and interrupt our
daily modalities, knocking us, yo! to the ground,
we, pounding it, for the word void appears,
the frustration of incapacity incarcerating,
accompanied by the loudest silenced scream,
of no poetry available, try again later!

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

we walkabout, thinking of the scheduled eventualities, or
the dates calendar-circled, though some questioned marked,
in pencil inserted, will I be a mother, find me a husband,
a human grander grandee, fit to be with me a noble progenitor
of more than our generation, watching the sidewalk cracks for an
inkling of when, on or about such and such an alteration,
a seam undone,
a stumbling, seeing a realization as we fall, hands extending,
a notice of arrival,
all needing reconnoitering, commemorating, a poem prepared,
but none to no avail

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

so we are in awe of words, so necessary, everybody knows,
the awe in awesome, a description for the pixels encapsulates
in I-phone photos,
the where and the why of when, I was grinning like a stupid fool,
the inability to deliver precisely when required the covering of
an appropriate description, your words, use your words, will
fail you spectacularly and so we remain awed, realizing

in life, as in poetry, timing is everything

but awesomely awesome word worlds, near and dear, held forever
in scrapbooks, the literary overlay of the treasures of everyday life,
are the still life of our longevity contextual, the celebratory,
the unexpected losses, largest to smallest, in size order,
kept fresh when you flip through those poems in dusty binders,
in oversized sewing boxes, yellowing in concert with our eyes,
graying with follicles of past pluperfect,
recalling not just the when’s, but the more important,  now, the
wherefore and whereupon, the words marking the conjunctions,
recoding the recorded synapses firing sequentially, brain to fingers, the ah so of the poetry of lifetimes

“I’m still in awe of words” (in life, as in poetry, timing is everything)


Pradip “I am still in awe of words”
Ron Tranmer Nov 2011
I have a two timing wife,
but I love her anyway.
She’s sorry that she has
to have that name.
Sometimes she gets real mad,
and it really is quite sad
that she has to play
the old two timing game.

I find as I get older,
my hearing’s getting worse.
I’m always asking, “what?”
which brings her strife.
She repeats a second time,
in a louder voice sublime,
and that’s why I call her
my two timing wife.
I remember when I saw you
Dancing with another guy
I didn't have the courage
To come up and say hi
I kept watching you discreetly
Hoping I would catch your eye
I remember what you smelled like
As you left and passed right by

We crossed paths  a few weeks later
I was at the movies all alone
And I saw you in the foyer
You were talking on your phone
I didn't have the courage
To offer a lift home
Another lost encounter
Another chance I'd blown

Like a comic who's not funny
And a cover song that's slow
It all comes down to timing
That's what all the good ones know
If you miss the chance before you
step left instead of right
It all falls back on the timing
And you've blown another night

I know that one day I'll meet you
And our lives will intertwine
And I know from that first meeting
That one day you'll be mine
But, right now I lack the courage
To even go and cross that line
I just wish that you could see me
Can you just give me a sign?

When I see you just in passing
And I squeak out a small "hi"
You, just nod your head and smile
I just stand there and I sigh
Every time you're with another
A part of me just dies
I wish I had the courage
I wish that I'd just try

Like a comic who's not funny
And a cover song that's slow
It all comes down to timing
That's what all the good ones know
If you miss the chance before you
step left instead of right
It all falls back on the timing
And you've blown another night
DK  May 2017
DK May 2017
it is everything.
The time I met you,
nothing seemed right,
except us.
But we could not be.
You are happy with her.
That is respectable,
but we wanted each other.
We just couldn't.
Now I can't get you out of my head.
You said if timing was better,
we could be together.
But timing isn't better.
Our timing *****,
but does it?
Everything happens for a reason.
Is our story just beginning,
or was it over before it started?

Now as I sit and think of you,
I resist the urge to pursue you,
Because you deserve better.
She makes you happy.

I just want to be happy.

it is everything,
but you can make it your own,
but should I?
Ian  Dec 2013
Why Not Me?
Ian Dec 2013
A lost soul searching for its counter part
Wandering aimlessly
Amidst the heavy morning fog, I gaze out into what seems like an endless haze, just waiting.
Waiting for my better half
Wondering why not me?

Countless romances ending in despair
Excuse after excuse as to why our spirits arent meant to be
It leaves me asking myself why?
Leaves me wondering,
Why not me?

I've been told that chemistry is easy, but timing is the hard part
But why is this so?
If our paths cross and chemistry ensues how is this timing not right?
How is this timing anything but perfect?
For it takes perfect timing, perfect chemistry, and a perfect match for sparks to ignite
So please do tell how our timing was nothing but perfect
So really,
Why not me?

Poor timing is an age old excuse, but we have all the time in the world
A whole life full
For what is poor timing compared to an eternity?
If I can find the patience to give to you then time will never be an issue
For I can find patience for perfection
I can find patience for you
So now tell me, excuses set aside
Tell me really,
Why not me?

Why won't you let me give you my all?
Why won't you let love warm your heart?
Why won't you let yourself be happy?
Why not with me?
Not my best of favorite in my collection. I don't usually publish when I'm unsatissfied with my work, but today it just one of those days.
Amanda Stoddard Sep 2014
I have long awaited the return of who I was and as this pill slips between my lips and down my esophagus, I am reminded that everything is temporary. The rage within me boils to the surface until every waking moment is spent thinking about my demise and I was never good with being on time. Either too early or too late. I always procrastinate the things most important and the trouble with timing is, it doesn't exist. So why spend life hanging on the edge of the lips you'll never get to kiss. Why exist in someone else's world only to be thrown from the grips of it. The years spent sulking in solitude taught me more things about life and myself than any amount of schooling, or reading rainbow ever could. The things I've seen before my eyes reminded me that being temporary in this every-changing life is probably the best thing for us all, because these things we endure can wear us out more than the time we spend in our cars or on our phones and I'm having trouble adjusting to daylight, because everything I ever see anymore is artificial and obsolete, but so are we. Every person you love, everything you touch will all eventually turn cold and frigid and into something you will never see again, we all die in the end. So take the hands that hold on to your hopes and whisk them into the same categories as your wants and your needs and be everything you've ever wanted yourself to be because everything is temporary. The trouble with timing is we don't have enough of it. The trouble with timing is these hands on the clock move every 86400 seconds, 12 days a week, for 165 days a year- so that's 525949 minutes. So we spend 86400 seconds thinking about the other 1440 minutes of tomorrow. So don't ******* waste it. The trouble with timing is the depression that follows, the moments we waste thinking about the things we can't control or the future we wish we could have. The minutes spent trying to talk ourselves out of anxiety attacks when we know **** well that never works. We don't have much in our lives that makes everything okay, all we really have is these imaginary things we wish we could grasp within our fingertips, like time and money and hopes and dreams but all of it means nothing until you take that step forward and remind yourself that nothing is ever set in stone and there's always a tomorrow so don't spend today dwelling on it. Take your time, but don't waste it. You are a delicate place, treat yourself as such.
When you pulled into my driveway, threw open your door,
and said you thought I might need you, I thought about timing.

When we drove with no destination at two AM, watching the city lights
and smoking too many cigarettes
I thought about timing.

When you turned on the radio,
we fell into perfect, loving, comfortable silence.
I thought about timing.

When I took your black hat,
drank a little to much whisky, and looked into eyes that seem to understand my wanderlust
I thought about timing.

When I opened my door,
turned on the lights, and
crawled into my cold bed alone
I realised timing is everything.

— The End —