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Vexren4000 Aug 2017
A weapon forged,
In the industrial revolution,
Steel forged by the heat of Mars,
The god of war,
The sword of Damocles,
Crashing down upon the land,
Sundering the Earth,
Causing fault lines and canyons,
The giant swinging the great sword.
Cutting the land,
And destroying the machinations,
Of man.

Poetic T Jan 2015
They will fly like a swarm of mosquitos
Wishing to feed on life
In a frozen moment until the breath expels and
Cleanses even that in their wake,
Biting upon the flesh over
The earth,
She will not weep with these tears
Of a thousand suns.
"For those moments will never pass"
As those swarms are in a
Hive of tempered reality,
For if even one is to sting upon soil then
"Reality would burn"
"For an eternity of  moments"
"A new sun would ignite"
Time is blinded,
Clouds of ash tears rain down.
But this tempered hive,
Is just that
A place of insanity
That is locked in its shell
"She will never fear the swarm"
"As man is never wanting to see the  suns rise"
Eclipse the life that means so much too he.
Weirdly inspired by a preaching poet..

— The End —