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Akira Apr 2020
When I first you,
you looked like a poor wretch,
with his life,
a man who experienced
great misfortune.

When I first kiss you,
you tasted like whiskey,
full of hidden mysteries,
but when I had
the opportunity to know you.
I saw a man who's
to his words.
My man, so proud of you
Mark Wanless Sep 2019
i had a necrotic tooth
inside my mouth
i tasted death
Isaac Oct 2018
I have tasted sweetness in this life;
Moments touching the deepest
Desires in my heart.

So intense I'd go through any knife
To dwell in such deep of a world
And know it is just the start.
Written 20 October 2018

center lined
coasted to coast
through my mind
loved like ghosts
***** to *****
speak speak
speaking sparks
mark the flame
test mine
blown minds
poetry blinds
never caught
me blind
with your mine light on
crack midnight before
the crack
center lined

never really cared for all that ***** talk
Brianna May 2017
She tasted like cigarettes and whiskey... she wore red lipstick and a tight black dress.
I didn't feel a thing for her except envy when we first met.
She told me with a smile I couldn't handle my liquor and I laughed in her face and swallowed that Whiskey straight down.
She grabbed my hand and we were gone.

The next night she tasted like Vanilla and Chai.. she wore black ripped jeans and purple lipstick.
I didn't feel a thing for her except humor.
I told her with a smile she couldn't handle her liquor and she laughed and swallowed that Scotch straight down.
I grabbed her hand and ran .

One more night and she tasted like bubble gum and spice... she wore a black sundress and combat boots.
I felt like maybe I was falling in love with this girl.
She told me with a smile that we should get some drinks since we both can't handle out liquor.
I laughed and grabbed her hand and we walked off to the bar.
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2015
Flame to be tasted,
A carnal sunrise devours;
Likewise, she weeps hate.
Rockie May 2015
I've tasted life
I've tasted death
I've tasted hate beyond all control
I've tasted greatness
I've tasted love from friends
I've tasted honey beyond earthly sweetness
I've tasted pain
I've tasted ungodly jealousy
*I've tasted.

— The End —