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Robin Bulmer Dec 2021
You have started to become blurry in my mind
But the love I have for you continues to shine
You're hard to remember but more so to forget
It just shows that it's the idea you love, not the person you met.
Robin Bulmer Nov 2021
An endangered generation, our future getting dimmer
A morbid sensation, our bodies wasting thinner
We trip and stumble blinded by the dark
The flood is already here but we couldn't afford the arc
Release me with a release
Free me with freedom
Give me my owed peace
Show me the way out of this kingdom.
Robin Bulmer Sep 2021
I don't believe in many things, I'm not one to have many  hopes and dreams
We often don't see eye to eye
Me with my philosophy and you with your factual pride
But today I realised I have a soul mate
Because no matter how much we debate,
I know I would simply die for you
And I know that you would too.
You are a phenomenon for me
Because I've never been one for consistency
But the only fact I truly believe
Is that I need you with me constantly.
I may wander from place to place
I may forever live out my suitcase
But you know that I will always love you
And I know you will always love me too.
Robin Bulmer Sep 2021
The Luscious Scottish greenery is seeping into my coal black machinery
The surreal natural beauty surrounds my adopted and cold cruelty
I cautiously wandered to the Scottish Moor to try and find a teetotal cure
But it seems I have brought my terminal self with me,
I still continously play my sickening and bitter symphony
Robin Bulmer Sep 2021
A warm hearted women falls for cold silver armour.
She wraps herself around him and says he's warm
But its just the warmth of her own breathe that she really feels
She can hammer and stab at him but it won't pierce
Only until he's ready to take it off will she see who he truly is.
But he's scared to do so as she is already in love with the cold silver armour.
Robin Bulmer May 2021
Plug ends on the floor with my hair dryer
Including empty bottles, cans and clothes from the night prior.
The ash from my cigarettes gets everywhere
Such a beautifully depressing working class flare.
To hungover to tidy up last night
Come down to bad to let in the morning light.
#morningglory #hangover #help #alcohol #lastnight
Robin Bulmer Apr 2021
Is this all really me or did I adopt this ideology.
Something comforting about my misery, my head ruled by corrupt democracy
Nothing ventured so nothing gained. Nothing tried so nothing strained.
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