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My hands are numb, my body rigid, my breath as cold as ice
Your glance burns through me like heat vision, oh God! It feels so nice
Your touch can bring me to the ground, puts the high flying to a stop
I'm sweating all over, my stomach disagreeing, I'm jittery like a prop
You smile, with a slight tilt of the head, a punch to my flailing might
I'm Superman, the Kryptonian and you are my Kryptonite.
Love gives immense strength, heartbreak takes it away.
Egø PrOfETa May 20
Here in my leisure Time
I tend to spend more Time
Out here
Chasing Rhymes
Than I do
When I could be
Fighting Crime
But that's only because
I have no Freaking
Man  I'm really powerless
As a matter of
But don't judge me
Or try to
Censor me
Just because
I'm too Sublime
Ok then
Call me Criminal
Be Hypocrites
Illiterate at your
Finger tips
While reading Braille
Oh Well
And so I guess
You were just too Blind
To see
The Cataracts
In your own
Eyes 👀
     ( SMH )
I tried to teach You
But my Pupils
To reach
Wrote this a little over 3yrs ago. But it seems to be fitting for times such as this.. Yeah stuck in the house with nothing else to do.
People always wonder what it would be like to have superpowers like their favourite heroes,
Their hero’s powers are purely subjective as you will see,

For the person who wishes for invisibility, ask an introvert in a business how it feels, to not feel seen, to feel like no one can hear your voice, and feel like you could not be present and no one would notice the difference,

For the person who wishes for super strength,
Turn to people who lost loved ones, people who suffered heartache, people who dealing with strife. These people have the strength to wake up in a morning, and carry on, with the weight of their emotions on their shoulders, but they know to keep moving.
A Sign of true strength.

For the person who wishes for the ability to read minds,
Stay with the people who love you, build strong relationships, care for those around you and over time you will learn their expressions, reading them a book, knowing what they’re thinking and feeling.

For the person who wishes for super speed,
Practice, master, do things with passion and dedication, the expression follows “it takes ten thousand  hours to master something”,  view this as a starting block. With time, speed and proficiency will come and you’ll be able to amaze the others around you

For the person who wishes for the ability to move things with your mind,
Never take what you have for granted, for it could all be taken away so quickly, soldiers who have lost their hands, or arms serving their country no longer have this ability, artists who suffer from nervous system disorders who are no longer able to create. Never take the ability of free movement for granted, you move things with your mind every day.

For the person who wishes for super agility,
Read, solve puzzles, read the news and learn constantly, agility is a loose term and mental agility is actually useful. The ability to learn things quickly, the ability to adapt and evolve is invaluable.

For the person who wishes to heal quickly,
Be comfortable with your emotions, your thoughts, and express them in a healthy manner, because if you can get comfortable with yourself, then the healing process won’t be as destructive nor be as long.

For the person who wishes to be bulletproof,
Take pride in yourself, be it your looks, your smarts, your personality, or a mixture of all three, insecurities are what make us vulnerable, but if you work on them, people will have less control over your mood and view of the world.

If you learn to do all of these things every day, even if it is not for long, over time you will seem like a superhero in a world filled with people who lost their way.

Just remember,
Superheroes help out every day people, no matter who they are.
Ackerrman Sep 2019
I’m giving
You a night call,
To tell you
How I feel.

I’m living
At a slow crawl,
Has the shot to ****?

Arms crossed defence,
Of dreams.

Standing on the fence:

Blighted youth,
Hidden truth,
Failure to jump…

Cant jump:
Pride problem,
No- progress.

Can’t initiate
Doesn’t mean
-Can’t- feel.

Does not mean
I don’t
The same.

Fighting mouth breathers,
At a distance,
Who can tell?

Infected by venom,
Crippled, narcissistic

Veins are black,
Self made
Empathy stack.

A language
I don’t understand,

Never have
It feels

Everyone knows something
I can’t handle,
Can’t see…

Like I miss
A sense,
Everyone else-
Proficient with.

Like everyone else:
A secret
That I don’t.

What’s worse:
Is when
I pretend
To know

Acts like
I know-

But I don’t,
I never had,
Had your
Super powers…

I pretend
To read

I mimic
The language,
The body language:
Eye movement…

Eye brow shift,
Wide open arms,
Pupil dilation,

Shoulders diminished:
Eye contact…

I can manipulate
These rules
My effect.

So I know
Other people
Can do
The same.

Most likely-
The time

So how?
Can I trust
A single

Or what they say
With their eyes,
Maybe I should trust
The words…

I started working with a child with ASD. It has shaken me, I have always scored highly on the spectrum but never enough to cross the line. I have really had to try and strip back my own personality in order to try and relate to him and get on his level. This has opened up a lot of questions for myself. Has me thinking about why I am the way I am.
Hide Feb 2018
Have you ever not realised something about yourself,
until someone else pointed it out,
and then it's all you can see?
It used to happen all the time-
but back then he pointed out the bad,
so often and so forcefully
that the good started to slip away-
I could not see it anymore,
I could not feel it.
And then you came along,
and even though I thought there was nothing left-
you saw me.
And you not only saw me- you pointed it out.
You saw me before I saw myself.
You cleared my blur,
and now it's all I can see.
You raised me up only to where I was meant to be,
you never put me on a pedestal, you simply put me back,
to where my bar was set to be,
and taught me to stand there with pride.
And you might not think you're a hero,
but I think you have superpowers.
RJ Days Jan 2017
Oh heroes of our youths, drawn in
splendid colors and panels or flying across
screens for sake of justice, you stars
of infinity and all realities sparing us
from the scourge of boredom while you
saved the day with ease, right vs wrong
clear as the cerulean sky, for you we pine!

Your winsome smiles soothed housewives
and maidens and doe-eyed youngsters
even as your capes became faded
and tattered and no longer were draped
over bedposts of intrepid lady reporters
willing to overlook, like we all did,
the familiarity of your unspectacled faces!

Your somber tongues gravely implored
us to redeem our grimy criminal cities,
lighting our fervor by spotlight against
darkest sky and even in the absence
of grappling hooks or alone with only
the latest fashionable belt, with no
hot young bird in the passenger seat
of your improbable nocturnal sports cars!

Your responsibilities and power came
all woven together, kept you from looking
out of any of your eyes the wrong way
either up or upside down, holding
the universe together with chivalry
and astute entomological acrobatics!

Your master kicks rivaled any other
rat or amphibian, and it was pure art
how you would karate chop through
our mutated melancholy, radical dudes
freeing us in every dimension
from maniacal brains and threats
of shredding our dignity like pizza cheese!

Your ecology was right as rain,
bio-available when we'd ring you up
and always giving back the power after
cleaning up some toxic mess, blowing
our adolescent minds as you flew about
kicking *** and spouting corny puns
long before oddly-dyed hair was trendy
and when Earth was a few degrees cooler!

We mourn you now more than ever,
remembering you with longing
as true villains appear, their green rocks
growing heavier and more radioactive,
their twisted jokes severing us
from one another, spewing venom,
bidding us conquer this land
and scorching the world for spite.

We mourn you now, our heroes, gone
but not forgotten and barely evoking
this nostalgic sense that you never left,
summoning within us the courage
to claim our inheritance, to finally discover
those ancient powers you've bequeathed;
to finally step up and save the world.
shyguypoetry Oct 2016
If I was super,

I would want x-ray vision

To peer past your doubts.
Mara W Kayh Sep 2016
Lest you are playing tricks on me
Let me warn you

I can make time stand still
and the moon dissappear

I can change the course of winds
and orchestrate waves to rise,
flooding plains and barren lands

lest you are playing games

I will open a portal
where we spin out of time,
hurl through space
and land on Mars.

But the one thing
I can't do
Is figure out if
you are playing games,
or is is that you just don't care
for me ?
Comic spin on power and the lack thereof :) Why can't I make you text me when I want to hear from you!  lol.
Pastell dichter Jan 2016
When somebody asked me what superpower I would like to have
I had to think.

Maybe......healing powers so I could jump off of a tall building and make you watch
I wouldn't tell you that I would live
So that you feel the pain I would feel if you did the same thing

Maybe.....knowing everything so I can know just what to say when you are falling into the dark.
So I can know what will help you

Maybe......flight so I can catch you when you fall
And fly you up to the clouds

Maybe......time travel so I could go back in time and tell you not to go down the path that will tear you apart
So I could take you forward in time to show you that everything will be okay

Maybe......the ability to take anybody's pain and make it my own
So I could take all your pain away from you
So you could sleep at night
So you could smile all the time

I would do all that even if it killed me
So please know that even tho I can't do those things I'm still here for you
for my sweetheart
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