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Pastell dichter Dec 2017
We are one
       My dear.
         My love.

We are one
Stumbling over joined sentences
Finishing each other's jokes

We are a ball of yarn that was once two,
So tangled and convoluted that we don't know where one begins and another ends.
I know your habits back to front
I know exactly what will make you feel better

Too many nights I have stayed up taking care of you
Too few have you done the same
When I need you most you're not there

I want to believe that I am fine
That I am fine with you
Being just like me

We love the same things
We laugh at the same jokes
We are one
But I lose myself in them
Maybe being one isn't a good thing

I wish you knew
How many dreams
I crushed because I wanted you to have them

I complete you

But sometimes
                It feels
                     like you
                           don't complete
I haven't been feeling great about my relationship lately and every time I try to fix it they refuse to help. It's not their fault but sometimes I get lost in them because we are the same.
Pastell dichter Dec 2017
I'm at a party
I feel alone
I shouldn't but the empty seeps in like quicksand

I'm at a movie
a friend and my partner beside me
bright screen
loud sounds
they are holding my hands
but I'm floating above us

I'm laying in bed with them
my partner
my dear
they are holding my hand and playing with my hair
my vision blurs
its fading
alone next to my love

It's not your fault
I don't know whats wrong
its hard to understand my brain
I feel alone sometimes. when I shouldnt
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
For the broken
For the lost
For the confused

I’m here

For those who need a hand to hold
For those curled up in a ball on the floor
For the scared

I’m here

I will hold your hand
I will help you up
I will stand up for you

I’m here
I’m here for anyone who needs help
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
Hello to old friends and hello to new ones
I’ve been gone but now I’m back
And I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon
I’m a bit rusty and disused but with some work I’ll be as good as new
Hello all. I’ve been gone for a long time because of my mental health but ive been getting better so hopefully this will be the first of many more poems to come
I've been looking in the mirror recently.
I'm not sure I like what I see.
These big eyebrows? Yes.
That mole? Yes.
Brown eyes? Glasses? Yes.
Mine, mine, me.
But I swear there's something different in that mirror
That I just can't see.
That thing in my reflection?
It's really not me.
I've been confused about my gender recently
Pastell dichter Mar 2017
I wish I could say someone broke me
But that's not the case at all.
I wish I could say that someone dropped me and watched me fall
But that would be a lie
The only one to blame
Is me, myself and I and my stupid ******* brain.
Most humans drink coffee and wine
They consume television and mainstream novels
They feed their souls with popularity contests and safe relationships

But poets
We could not survive without passion, intensity, and meaning
Everything we feel is felt to the depths of our souls
We are the ones to put into words the unspeakable pain of heartbreak
The incomprehensible joy of falling in love
We are the ones brave enough to say out loud the diaries of a thousand souls

Us poets
We drink tea and whiskey
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