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Winter Silk Jul 2015
Last night, I fell apart.
I woke up blanketed in sodden ash,
Tears saturated into the eruption's fallout
The proximity of crackling fire assaulting my senses,
I was still angry.

I felt intoxicated, drunk on words never said
But the ones that were spoken lay spiked into my head
Partners apart, but strangers together
The hawks are gone in my life, but you can still find the feathers

Questions slicing through my mind
I run away from stormy brine
These tears that fall, I think you know
Have haunted me since long ago

Buried in formaldehyde
These skeletons reflect our inside
The secrets that we made to keep
Take me before I fall asleep

Though you're my fixer and my mess
The walls echo with you less and less
I fear it's not you running from me
I'm forgetting what we used to be
"You want them when they don't want you,
Soon as they do, feelings change"
Winter Silk Feb 2015
The arms of the clock weigh heavy in my conscience
Reminding me of when it used to say
How much time I had left, not how much wasted

I look out to these vibrant skies
Seeing with the colors you gave me
Yet in the corners of the clouds there is grayness
A remnant of who we used to be

Moving on, finding someone else
They all seem to have your smile
And with every time I find love again
It's as if I just found you once more

I remember when you walked out the door
And the street lights shone brightly upon you
And your shadow crawled along the floor to me
To enter my mind, spinning into a memory

Last night I giggled with my new partner
Discussing the future and how we would walk it
And for a moment we settled, gazes meeting halfway
Then I saw the universe in her eyes
I saw you.
woke up this morning, trying to remember last night
still can't shake off the memory I put on
Winter Silk Feb 2015
cold outside but I'm barely freezing
i'm awake but I keep on dreaming
let me hold your hand, all through the seasons
in lost chaos you are my reason

a smile could light up a room
but in my world yours shines like the moon
you're my north star, guide through the oceans
sweet sorceress let me drink your potions

how could i leave you
when you trap me with every look you do?
how could i walk away
when my heart's glued to every word you say?

i'm keeping your form around me
lost in the artistry of your hair
life's a game meant for partners
i want you to be my pair.
I tried writing from-the-heart poetry
(only editing spelling, writing with no specific goal in mind other than to express)
This is the result hahaha.
Winter Silk Feb 2015
My fingers may not know a guitar
And I might never raise the bar
But I'm trying to be the man
That can do all he can
To be with you

I know my heart finds no directions
It can get lost in storms of affection
So I put this song together
So even if in stormy weather
I can sing it and remember

Cause you're beautiful even when you deny it
And the night skies in your eyes just seem to cry it
And your hair falls down like waterfalls
Your voice a singing bird with melodic calls
My heart's a kite, and for the night, fly it

Let your scars sing their secrets
I'll be holding you safe from all the threats
And maybe as we walk the beaches
Remembering blessings and curses
We can smile at our perfect messes
And I'll sing to you

You're beautiful even when you deny it
And the night skies in your eyes just seem to cry it
And your hair falls down like waterfalls
Your voice a singing bird with melodic calls
My heart's a kite, and for the night fly it.
Apologies for my previous poems, they were uninspired.
See, what happened is that I found someone, yet I still wrote about heartbreak and sadness.
But now, as she becomes all I think about, I realize I can write poems about her.
Love can do mysterious things, can't it?
Winter Silk Feb 2015
My love is large
But not larger than his
My heart is small
But not smaller than his
I live to see the day
When my love will sprout and grow
I hope that one day
You will finally know
Give me some sunshine
Let my love feel your warmth
Give me some rain
Give me another chance to
Feel your heart
With help from my friend, Blackness.
Winter Silk Feb 2015
Life is a piece of music,
a page of poetry
Where the notes are the movements of humanity
Never meant to finish,
but to exist continuously
In the melodramatic, you must find the melody

Like on a piano,
both white and black key
Peace and chaos combine to create the harmony
Your emotions singing as a choir heavenly
While the crashing drums of the present complete the symphony.

But sometimes the rhythm gets too fast
Can't keep up with the pace
Sweat on your face
Frozen in place
No different ways
And you choke as the music continues to play

But that's life I guess
Living is just emotional dying
But let the music play on
Let your singing be your crying
Back from a long hiatus. I felt like writing about life.
Winter Silk Dec 2014
A burnt flower never rises from the ashes
The long dead will never wake
You can't save a light after it flashes
So a heart's still broke after heartbreak

They say the more days put in between
The last time that we met
Will somehow create a way of making clean
All these tears I've wept

But months and years can't take a part
Of a heart
That only exists to love.
The beauty held in the stars of your smile
I'd run miles
to see you, angel from above.

They can say time heals about everything,
But trust me, it's all untrue
Time doesn't change a thing
Time just distracts you.
Days come and go,
but I still spend every second thinking about you.
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