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The heart is flying again, bound to crash and break,
"I'm here" she sent me a message, I've lost control of the breaths I take,
A gentle breeze rubbed the crimson cheeks of the evening sky ending the warm day,
The weather, harbinger of her arrival, tells me she's in my city, to stay.
I love her, always have, always will. I wish she sees through my ugly shell and claims all my warmth for her.
There are two voices in my head,
clear and distinct, neither of them is mine.
The coarse one, is the devil, I know
Other is feminine, smooth as wine.
It sounds familiar, the feminine one, it has to be you,
I hear it, every now and then, you guide me in dreams too
The devil sounds so confident, he knows his ways, he sings
You speak like them, the God-sent, yeah, the ones with the wings
The wicked nudges me, pushes me to the cliff, with no mercy at all.
I pray to God, hope you'll help my soul, catch me, break my fall.
Girl, you're my angel
****** hue imploding skies
That reticent look in your eyes
Stupid gains and holy lies
A nervous pull and severed ties
Or was it just too late to realize?
That there was trouble in paradise
love and its side effects
My heart beats like a drum, gestures impending war,
My fingers tremble as I turn to you, playing the invisible guitar,
My eyes won't let me settle gaze on you, they just jump and dance around,
I speak to you, my chords crackle, but there is no audible sound.
My world comes to a grinding halt, the roaring seas go mute
You say something, seems like a song, are angels playing the flute?
I'm in love and always will be.
My hands are numb, my body rigid, my breath as cold as ice
Your glance burns through me like heat vision, oh God! It feels so nice
Your touch can bring me to the ground, puts the high flying to a stop
I'm sweating all over, my stomach disagreeing, I'm jittery like a prop
You smile, with a slight tilt of the head, a punch to my flailing might
I'm Superman, the Kryptonian and you are my Kryptonite.
Love gives immense strength, heartbreak takes it away.
I'm nervous and scared, oblivious to what's next, thinking, what to do?
Cause everything I do, ends up as something I may be doing for you
What kills me, I'm afraid, is nothing of my own device
It's what you'll think of my actions, of my virtues, my vice
No vows to exchange, just yet, an honest promise it may be
Let's keep it simple, to begin with, I trust you and you trust me.
Love is harder than it used to be...
These walls collapsing around me, pushing me down the hell hole
Will Hades give me shelter? I'm losing my mind, losing all control
Was I already in pieces? Or crushed in transit? Does anyone really care?
I'm broken goods, no, return not possible,  I'm broken beyond repair
My reflection, I hate myself, it's so ugly, it's revolting, it's me, go figure
The question lingers, who will fall in love, with this horrible man in my mirror?
It has begun. The downward spiral.
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