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I'm the harsh reality, contorted, you are a beautiful dream,
I'm a lost thirsty traveler, you are a joyous river stream,
I'm the random wasted thought, you are an ingenious idea,
I'm a cactus, only capable of hurt, you are the blooming white magnolia.
I miss you. I'm sorry.
Love that I gave away, brought about my fallen grace
I wish my heart was at least as bad as my ugly face.
I don't blame you. No one could love me.
Sweet like caramel vanilla, the innocence in those hypnotic eyes
Overwhelmed, smitten, I can't look away, even after a thousand tries
Blushing like red roses, that color of those cheeks so lovely
Like a dry leaf, I'll go wherever the wind of love takes me.
Love gives and love takes away
Love, my miracle, she, my holy shrine
Hurt, so inevitable, my heart, it lets out a whine
My life, so useless without her, insignificant, inconsequential
Her presence, I need it, it's my fuel, my drug, divine, unreal.
Her attention on me, so priceless, she spends it like a miser
My dreams of her, her frame in my embrace, nothing is nicer.
It's a feeling unparalleled.
Maybe' is a word for the hopeful, 'But', is the hesitation of the thoughtful and 'Regret' is for the one who didn't listen to the heart
The heart is flying again, bound to crash and break,
"I'm here" she sent me a message, I've lost control of the breaths I take,
A gentle breeze rubbed the crimson cheeks of the evening sky ending the warm day,
The weather, harbinger of her arrival, tells me she's in my city, to stay.
I love her, always have, always will. I wish she sees through my ugly shell and claims all my warmth for her.
There are two voices in my head,
clear and distinct, neither of them is mine.
The coarse one, is the devil, I know
Other is feminine, smooth as wine.
It sounds familiar, the feminine one, it has to be you,
I hear it, every now and then, you guide me in dreams too
The devil sounds so confident, he knows his ways, he sings
You speak like them, the God-sent, yeah, the ones with the wings
The wicked nudges me, pushes me to the cliff, with no mercy at all.
I pray to God, hope you'll help my soul, catch me, break my fall.
Girl, you're my angel
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