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Donna May 10
I wished the sun stayed
out all day today but the
clouds were in a mood

Been so sunny today here in England ,loved it , but little overcast too made me think of this one :-)) ❤️
A-E-B May 6
I stand there
teeth rattling, head chattering
watching the world slide not so gently
from a place I didn't know to a clear ----
how are you.
doin fine.
the sky's awfully blue
Donna May 6
Behind a cloudy
sky sits a warm cozy sun
in bed drinking tea

:-) ❤️ Inspired by cloudy day today x
Donna May 2
It was that little
seed that turned into a wish
and made the sky smile

Loving Spring ***
Dominique Apr 28
Atoms are mostly hollow
But not on buses on golden afternoons
With people on my shoulder and a cold drink
Rolling around on the floor-
No, not with my coat on my knees
And a joke on my lips
Never with sunlight on my hair in London
Not on a bus in mid may.
bus journeys with people I love in summer are the only times I really feel my life is going anywhere positive.
Star BG Apr 25
When it is raining
the sun shines in my heart.
When it is snowing
snow touches so I build snowman of dreams.
When colorful leaves fall I dance
celebrating the falling masterpieces.
When I wake up
and I am breathing I am grateful.
Inspired by Mark S  Many Thanks
Nolan Willett Apr 22
A lovely tree, so carefree,
In serene tranquility,
With it I would spend my day
And let come whatever may.
I don’t have much else to say
Just leave me be, by my tree.
I think I see something in the bark and the leaves
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