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Lying Eyes

My eyes have *****
Betraying  me
Deceiving me

Convincing too
I thought I knew
But now eye hear
Things aren’t that clear

My eyes saw arms in D.C.
Knees on a neck
In Minneapolis
Are my eyes lying to me?
Saturday Night Surf

We use to Surf
On Saturday nights
The Surf Ballroom
Up a thousand flights

Didn’t Hang Ten
But did Tighten Up
Did the Funky Chicken
And built up buttercup

Blue suede shoes
Silk stripe pants
Looking like peacocks
Ready to dance

We had Utopia
The Pilgrims
Rockin’ Ramrods too

When The Technique’s
Played Shotgun
All understood

This would be our last dance
So do it now
And do it good

By:Bill MacEachern
My old dance hall days
Buffalo Clouds

Buffalo roam
The skies today
Hides of white
Touch of gray

There’s platypus
Hippo too

But it’s the Buffalo
Our skies of blue

By: Bill MacEachern
Green Screen Door

There’s something about
Green screen doors
That conjure past summers
And why
I’m not sure

Swing bang shut
Bent out screen
By wood
All painted green

Brings back
Kook-Aid n
Insects abuzz
Mingled together
With Aunt Martha’s fudge

By Bill MacEachern

Been flying solo
All of my life
Old news to girlfriends
And former wives

It wasn’t just them
I hadn’t stayed with
There were many a friend
And old acquaintance

Didn’t realize then
As I do today
I’m a nomad at heart
Who’ll stray over stay

I also know now
It’s freedom I need
Free to move on
Free to be free

I’m happy this way
It’s simple
You see
I’m happy alone
And happy with me

By Bill MacEachern
Love was elusive
Most of my life
Then love came
One Cupidian night

Its constant now
Will always be
Won’t be shut off
By her
By me


Hate’s been elusive
So far
So good
It’s ok with me
And well understood

For hate
Like love
Always will be
Can’t be shut off
That’s just not for me
Love Hate
🍀There once was a boxer named Hagler
Whose foes were always left in a stagger
He put em all down
For the Middleweight Crown
This man was Marvelous Marvin Hagler🍀
Marvelous Marvin Hagler o
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