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STLR Apr 23
I've been looking at the world from a different perspective

IG filters and Snapchat interceptions

I was off the grid,  I am now in inception

Social media dance floors
no escape or exceptions

what do you stand for?
put your hands in the septic

so your arms can take all the **** that
Your legs normally dealt with

Apartment, complex complicated life consequences

Brothers life deciphered
into the trenches

Despite all of the help we lent him

Life can be a loan when you are alone
It can get expensive

Don't own a home,
but I could show you what rent is

I could show you what hustle is,
I'm that relentless

Slick mouth, silver tounge...this is manifested

Bike peddling, rebelling Ambidextrous

Quiet devilish, my medicine makes most hella lit

I speak in crooked tongues like most nuns who settle with

Being Singular minded there Vibes are so celibate

A courier in this Corredor settlement

How do I, in these times, stay not high but relevant

I'm confined in thin lines, tell them **** time,
if the sunshine, makes us dumb blind

Like retail and it's details with the big signs

See this conclusion is just a visual illusion
A cesspool in the mainstream visual pollution

This vortex is just a digital confusion
Digits to acidic, hash tags for the lab rats to abuse them

watch me slipstream into a hazmat suit and snap back to an audience all the toxics that I'm using

my minds a clock incapsulated in the bottom of a backpack but only in math class, I state facts for your amusement

How can you do this?! Who the **** are you kid?!

I'm Duke Nukem with a scorpion fist ready to hiduken!

I'm Isaac Newton with a paint brush when I do this

Painting photosynthesis with my sentences, I conclude with...

Nothing but a chronological order I cause a cascade of disorder

I'm on the edge don't **** with me and my border...can't **** with me I'm the best this visual mess is what your ordered
STLR Apr 2017
I'm on that spiritual
Spirits with metaphysical

diabolical criminal
my methodical rituals

captivate, you regurgitate  
when I sit and I spit the truth

activate, no originate
when I spit flows in figure 8's

need a female with a figure 8
body, hope I could figure it

hot tamale  on dinner plate
was my focus it didn't play

serving satin
I penetrate

4th dimensions
I levitate

my flows a solar / extension
bipolar floater with / hench man
att-ack like cobras/ extended
extendo clip / interception
vocal record / compression
in an out of / depression

Ajax in kitchen I'm mixing
with all this Henny I'm drinking

John Lennon & Jimmy Hendrix
remixed the sampled I'm sinning!

I've killed it since the beginning
my ex is gone **** these *******

a hexagon in the kitchen,
I cook with shapes of aggression

My ex is calling
I hang up like who are you?

she calls again
so I hang up like the bill collector

see in my mind I have traveled
to different sectors

sections are often of Optimus
lately I've been feeling the opposite

night prescription of *****
keeps my mind /       off the odds and ends

I should be working on offices

this consequence is brought to you by a novelist mind,
Steven king with a Flow that's ridiculous I

flip like a pendulum, fly

I’m only seeking good vibes
heating seeking misses to the sky

the years I haven’t been on
******* 25

this year I’m ******* **** out of proportion
till my ******* bends like a circus contortionist
worst is I'm not even forcing it

words I fornicate and fork with
like alphabetical ****** at a spelling bee ****

cast from my inner orifices
mighty morph into a scorpion
Society I I’m bored with.
ideology, my philosophy women——ogomy

since I'm speaking with honesty
all I see is the time that leaks
moments of curiosity
**** all the animosity
fancy mind like I'm Socrates
kicking faces with basses
like I got a team in the soccer league    
I will fulfill my prophecy,
profit to other scholars is another dollar in pocket, please
STLR Feb 2017
I look in the mirror and see my depressions reflection

I don't know how to live when my minds divided sections

how can I take this sadness and hide it so the world can't see

I've been living in darkness talking to myself in the streets

I ask myself " hi how are you doing?" no one replys so there must be something wrong with me

I'm my only friend and these thoughts of death are always haunting me

how can I be if I cannot see
if I cannot breath

I've abandoned the word believe
I'm forever doomed in routine

destined to be an alcoholic
all from family genes

these jeans of sadness are starting to rip at the seams

and though it seems at times I'm doing better and doing me

I'm really not it's all make believe

I wish I could change the past
I would I could alter my dreams

my life is filled with sadness
this is my reality

I wouldn't mind if my fate pushed me to a fatality

my mind is lost in space
my heart is floating, no gravity

every night I talk to me
I think I'm losing my sanity

I feel so alone
even though I have family

I don't need a friend, when I know what's lyes inside of me

I'm an outcast I don't fit in society

I've given up on being sobar,
I've given up on sobriety

all of my confidence is leaving
my body along with rest of me.

you need a loser in your life?
recook me I am the recipe

I am no good
please dont stand next to me
I thought I at least had a grip on who I wanted to be

there's a difference between want and a need..

this is the truth and honestly I am lost psychologically

there's a price for the time you waste

I'm paying for it with honesty

this world doesn't need another me

almost had a child but she lost the seed

I'm losing my soul,  my body is for the world to keep.

I have lost my spirit, I needed someone to come and rescue me

I'll tell my reflection he can rest in peace.
STLR Dec 2016
half dead, half alive
I've set the ******* aside

A lack of communication
made relationships complicated

no in between or compromise
just apartment evacuation

secrets and her temptations
for other girls in disguise

never seeing my family
broke my family ties

relationship was a tragedy
but education for wise

this determination is simply brought to you by

making my circles smaller and putting middle fingers sky

I don't fear the exterior
only my inner mind

I give 2 ***** about what it takes to be "That Guy"

positive energy, I pass vibes
like blunts in reversed rotation then high five

No need for enemies, I connect friends
like social media connects via WiFi

your presumed assumption is that I'm a basic guy
and that I only listen punk rock & low-fi
and watch shows on Syfy

Well ****, my minds a calibration
of verbal & herbal celebrations

a cascade of cadences
spitting cyhper's inside a basement

surprised reactions to faces who are adjacent
I flow with sophistication

I feel like I'm re-bourne an moving forward like jason

rebellious red chariot ready for devastation
hilarious recreations of politically posh faces

freedom of speech, now hear me say this
**** all, who think they can get away with
being rude or a racist
lets do away with limitations
that cause friction and separation

**** the order of the elderly
rules and the regulations

rules are meant for breaking
an tools are meant for the taking
watch me build a ******* nation
via verbal detonation, devotion and demonstrations

**** my ethnicity, my identity is nameless

Don't **** with the code
you'll get stuck in the ******* matrix

Pills an Anna Nicole
depression left in the cold

not a vomiting anorexic
but one who spits in the septic
verbal spitter & rhyme splitter via lethal needle injection

mud runner without a mold
I've left love in the cold
now I'm hoping that right is left in me

different directions I've traveled represents the best of me
I am my own friend, **** the fakes, I'm what I'm meant to be

don't judge with out a jury or without reading my life sentences
I've found peace in myself, I've finally found the rest of me

**** I ain't lost anymore!! this is what your witnessing
I am far from finishing, my vision is too riveting

no intermissions just missions to moons and galaxies
space shuttle launch from my brain, I create my own gravity
pull out your IPhone's or Screen Capture this With Your Galaxy
social media share button so all your friends can see

I've pieced the puzzle of my life, I need the glue its time to frame it
No more *******, just full clips of this flame ****

Fireball to faces, I'm in my own game *****!

pause if i wanna, smoke that **** that merry-hanukkah
shout out to my brother switchin lanes
likes its the autobahn
2017 I'm aiming to create a phenomenon

2017 I'm transforming to an auto-bot
******* to robo-cop
**** my solo-dolo ****
only spittin flames
like I'm chewing on a lava rock

that's melted lava for you fakes
wearing pajamas, dabbing to panda in a Honda wait...
my anaconda stretches condoms and eats a lot of cake..
my apatite is of dynamite all i need is safe..

I've cracked the code like De Vinci, come **** with me
Third Eye to the wise who think they know the secret
My code is of syntax created by cryptic code
just Netflix it, only a single X? lets fixxx it
comprehended what you just read them **** with it

I'm done with it, I use the letter the X to many times

I'm submissive..lets have a letter **** in a sub-riddit
STLR Dec 2016
Inner depression
This intersection is but an interlude
From my monumental confession.

I recollect
not having feelings like a child

bipolar rollercoaster
It's been a ******* while

that I looked up
At the sun then smiled

Who needs a girlfriend nowadays when everything ******* sway's
in a direction, that's sure to fade

I fade away like sun flares
and long lost memories

Repetition is my religion I make melodies

Ying and Yang this focus is my

Without this, I'd just be another human centipede

Connected within a crowd of unknown identities

Social Media is the deputy

My remedies consist of ****
And drinking heavily

I have no time to be alive
This ego death is what is left of me

Let's make a right and take these words into different directions

I've turned savage
like a doctor with lethal injection

My love is lost, I don't care if it's gone or its missing

A Molotov
in the form of a ******* cross

So when you pray to them all

They can burn when you're gone

What the **** is a God?

How can something that's great

Be flipped then turned into Dog?

D O G my recipe is R I P

Holy ghost in the *******
Room like a refuge

Universal spirit's, reflections of Sonic imaging

Google data and Google Maps
with adaptive imagery

Gps location via text and mass messaging

We are just tapped entities

Stretching outer extremities
Fornication and Procreative abilities

I've found my balance, my inner ballads keep hemorrhaging

Compulsive actions
Erratic fashions of creativity

This world is massive
My mental habits are far from finishing.
STLR Nov 2016
Look..look here, pause for a second before the seconds get near

the clock is dishonest and it cuts like shears.

I stare into the sky yet I do not fear

even if the end was near, I would be in the clear

Like visions that are translucent, let's mix it up like blood transfusions

don't think too hard just say you can do it!

what are drugs to a man using?

I call it addicted, my logic is gifted I'm on it your just with it

let me call a witness to this lyrical massacre

my letters strangle the pilot, co-pilot, and passengers.

There belittled by small riddles am the verbal ambassador

My minds pickled so sick hospice, not hospital

my rhymes ripple as I watch the clock trickle

Time is the enemy never stare at it, and if you look for too will become an addict

An addiction to two three...along with others

Countless counts of time equal to a waste of time so pause it, take your time...

A debate will rise take equates to loss..we run,drive, and fly at any cost

But there is only one currency...time is the coin of all eternity.

When the hands turn they move clockwise with certainty.

the counter clock is unwise certainly...

because it moves in contrast with urgency...

Father Time what is thee emergency?
Mother Nature's calling she waiting for the earth to speak.
STLR Nov 2016
I've spent too many hours trying tower my accomplishments
I stole this art, replaced my heart with everything that's opposite
reverse the hearse, this inner peace is quite a compliant
my yin and yang are but centerpieces upon a ledge
if they fall off, these elements will simply crush a head
solar optimist, a bi-polar writer with floppy-disk
decoded so you can't comprehend

no counter weight for this heavyweight of a mentalist
as I pick up the pen you can see that a flame was lit
since this is my movie, let's keep it groovy and toss the script
I can't wait to show the world what the **** monumental is!

this flow is brilliant to extravagant
I guess what I'm feeling is happiness?
no resilience happening?
Still, don't know who my pappy is

happy pieces of laughy taffy
enough motion from the potion
will have a girl callin me pappy quick

I stay railing like locomotives
the motive is, I'm to motived and focus with all this poetry
unleash my inner locust, then leap on to new pageantry  
I'm well adapted like strangers blending into scenes
I gave her the wood in return we nurtured a tree
its double sided girl this **** isn't ever free
If you don't like the price
there's the door you can leave

but look
I know I don't have a car
but soon I will buy a Toyota
pick you up so you can sleepover
I have a super cobra that shots like a super soaker
whenever you're doing yoga
Hulu view for the two,
Youtube view interlude
Netflix an Chill for the mood
Tv on dimmest setting
an inner room lit like the moon
smoking **** watching views
give me snack like I'm ****** do
I just want to lay with you

I picked you out of the many few
from the ocean of this social media stew
girl, what would you like me to do?

November 22, 2016 / Tuesday 1:37 PM
Drafted in hello poetry -
November 22, 2016 / Tuesday 1:40 PM (First Offical Hello Poetry Poem)
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