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STLR Dec 2016
half dead, half alive
I've set the ******* aside

A lack of communication
made relationships complicated

no in between or compromise
just apartment evacuation

secrets and her temptations
for other girls in disguise

never seeing my family
broke my family ties

relationship was a tragedy
but education for wise

this determination is simply brought to you by

making my circles smaller and putting middle fingers sky

I don't fear the exterior
only my inner mind

I give 2 ***** about what it takes to be "That Guy"

positive energy, I pass vibes
like blunts in reversed rotation then high five

No need for enemies, I connect friends
like social media connects via WiFi

your presumed assumption is that I'm a basic guy
and that I only listen punk rock & low-fi
and watch shows on Syfy

Well ****, my minds a calibration
of verbal & herbal celebrations

a cascade of cadences
spitting cyhper's inside a basement

surprised reactions to faces who are adjacent
I flow with sophistication

I feel like I'm re-bourne an moving forward like jason

rebellious red chariot ready for devastation
hilarious recreations of politically posh faces

freedom of speech, now hear me say this
**** all, who think they can get away with
being rude or a racist
lets do away with limitations
that cause friction and separation

**** the order of the elderly
rules and the regulations

rules are meant for breaking
an tools are meant for the taking
watch me build a ******* nation
via verbal detonation, devotion and demonstrations

**** my ethnicity, my identity is nameless

Don't **** with the code
you'll get stuck in the ******* matrix

Pills an Anna Nicole
depression left in the cold

not a vomiting anorexic
but one who spits in the septic
verbal spitter & rhyme splitter via lethal needle injection

mud runner without a mold
I've left love in the cold
now I'm hoping that right is left in me

different directions I've traveled represents the best of me
I am my own friend, **** the fakes, I'm what I'm meant to be

don't judge with out a jury or without reading my life sentences
I've found peace in myself, I've finally found the rest of me

**** I ain't lost anymore!! this is what your witnessing
I am far from finishing, my vision is too riveting

no intermissions just missions to moons and galaxies
space shuttle launch from my brain, I create my own gravity
pull out your IPhone's or Screen Capture this With Your Galaxy
social media share button so all your friends can see

I've pieced the puzzle of my life, I need the glue its time to frame it
No more *******, just full clips of this flame ****

Fireball to faces, I'm in my own game *****!

pause if i wanna, smoke that **** that merry-hanukkah
shout out to my brother switchin lanes
likes its the autobahn
2017 I'm aiming to create a phenomenon

2017 I'm transforming to an auto-bot
******* to robo-cop
**** my solo-dolo ****
only spittin flames
like I'm chewing on a lava rock

that's melted lava for you fakes
wearing pajamas, dabbing to panda in a Honda wait...
my anaconda stretches condoms and eats a lot of cake..
my apatite is of dynamite all i need is safe..

I've cracked the code like De Vinci, come **** with me
Third Eye to the wise who think they know the secret
My code is of syntax created by cryptic code
just Netflix it, only a single X? lets fixxx it
comprehended what you just read them **** with it

I'm done with it, I use the letter the X to many times

I'm submissive..lets have a letter **** in a sub-riddit
STLR Nov 2016
Look..look here, pause for a second before the seconds get near

the clock is dishonest and it cuts like shears.

I stare into the sky yet I do not fear

even if the end was near, I would be in the clear

Like visions that are translucent, let's mix it up like blood transfusions

don't think too hard just say you can do it!

what are drugs to a man using?

I call it addicted, my logic is gifted I'm on it your just with it

let me call a witness to this lyrical massacre

my letters strangle the pilot, co-pilot, and passengers.

There belittled by small riddles am the verbal ambassador

My minds pickled so sick hospice, not hospital

my rhymes ripple as I watch the clock trickle

Time is the enemy never stare at it, and if you look for too will become an addict

An addiction to two three...along with others

Countless counts of time equal to a waste of time so pause it, take your time...

A debate will rise take equates to loss..we run,drive, and fly at any cost

But there is only one currency...time is the coin of all eternity.

When the hands turn they move clockwise with certainty.

the counter clock is unwise certainly...

because it moves in contrast with urgency...

Father Time what is thee emergency?
Mother Nature's calling she waiting for the earth to speak.
STLR Nov 2016
I've spent too many hours trying tower my accomplishments
I stole this art, replaced my heart with everything that's opposite
reverse the hearse, this inner peace is quite a compliant
my yin and yang are but centerpieces upon a ledge
if they fall off, these elements will simply crush a head
solar optimist, a bi-polar writer with floppy-disk
decoded so you can't comprehend

no counter weight for this heavyweight of a mentalist
as I pick up the pen you can see that a flame was lit
since this is my movie, let's keep it groovy and toss the script
I can't wait to show the world what the **** monumental is!

this flow is brilliant to extravagant
I guess what I'm feeling is happiness?
no resilience happening?
Still, don't know who my pappy is

happy pieces of laughy taffy
enough motion from the potion
will have a girl callin me pappy quick

I stay railing like locomotives
the motive is, I'm to motived and focus with all this poetry
unleash my inner locust, then leap on to new pageantry  
I'm well adapted like strangers blending into scenes
I gave her the wood in return we nurtured a tree
its double sided girl this **** isn't ever free
If you don't like the price
there's the door you can leave

but look
I know I don't have a car
but soon I will buy a Toyota
pick you up so you can sleepover
I have a super cobra that shots like a super soaker
whenever you're doing yoga
Hulu view for the two,
Youtube view interlude
Netflix an Chill for the mood
Tv on dimmest setting
an inner room lit like the moon
smoking **** watching views
give me snack like I'm ****** do
I just want to lay with you

I picked you out of the many few
from the ocean of this social media stew
girl, what would you like me to do?

November 22, 2016 / Tuesday 1:37 PM
Drafted in hello poetry -
November 22, 2016 / Tuesday 1:40 PM (First Offical Hello Poetry Poem)
STLR Nov 2016
I ******* rock it
Then I lay it down

I am not a quitter, sick spitter
**** I just flow in rounds

atmospherics an
******* stellar sounds

Lyrics of astrophysics,
like chemistry
I just shape the ground

just huddle
But do not make a sound

I crush a cypher, decipher words into crooked nouns

Instant reaction to actions,
My riddles break the crowd

I've adapted to hard labor now

Can't **** with the vision
I'm here to **** it
and change the sound

Bicycle wheel spinning, I'm grinding
I need to get around

Flow soulful, for the soul
like I'm the golden child

Y'all so so, I go super sayin
No super wild

No delaying, I'm not evening playing
You're played out

Penetrator is coming through now
Left-over flow ******* better eat their food now

2016 fiend, ***** this just a new style

I hit the restart button, say **** the hard drive, bike peddling to work say **** the hard ride, living life is easy I say **** the hard times

I'm choking the game, I'm looking to ******* hog tie

Business this
you can **** on my long tie...

Young killer
been spittin it for a long time

Past due with my ******* come up

Ain't nobody ******* with the vision I'm blowing up

Cutting all these lames like division
So I can it add up

All of the positives, at heart I'm an optimist, don't **** with my oxygen
You can't breath what I breathe, **** your accomplishments, I will squash all of them I just abolish bums

Don't **** with my vision, I will **** for what is mine
and do it with precision

All these hoes just multiply
I divided with the quickness

All these fakes just want to try
don't try cause your missing

**** all of the rules
***** I am a misfit

I am just a ghoul, no goblin, no riches

The world is full of fools
Who can't **** with my vision
STLR Nov 2016
I say ******* to society

I've given up sobriety

Iron man with Iron feet

I will run with no defeat

You don't know the half of it

**** the negativity

I am positivity

This is my nativity

You can't even tell it's me

The future & the past will meet

Everything is obsolete

I travel in infinity

That's why I hit the alt delete

You can check my Windows

No one is controlling me

I do what I *******, please

Apple Fruit and Mac & Cheese

That's how it's supposed to be

As easy as a notice to evict

You're supposed to leave

As easy as a punch to the stomach

Don't expect breath

As easy as can be

Don't expect to be a friend to me

My inner intense sneeze

Rhyme schemes & remedies

I cascade into cadence

of sounds created from synergy

I make friends not enemies

those who refuse will

never hear the end of me

I connect thoughts

Like physical human centipedes

I dissect words like

frog legs & vasectomy

Perpendicular is my literature

Therefore you can't get to me

No gravity

my styles wild

It's outlandish

My sanity is inbound

Like planes landing

You're plain jane

I'm James cameron

I make waves

Then face cameras

I make change

and then hand it

I'd still **** if I was one handed

I'm still ill, I got skills

I'm a digital bandit, lyrically rampant  

spiritually sanctioned

my riddles are of mental chemicals unbalanced

because of Ritalin i spit ballads

how will this shooting effect our generation, public perception

government deception

and of course the voting ballet

tables have turned all is madness

what will the democrats and republicans say about fifty something bodies laying down a decade

It will all sound the same

public & social media hate

what stand will you take?

its crazy how all we do is debate

I stand for humanity, human lives unified not by destruction nor vanity

but the construction of

beliefs higher than religious crosses, Tall Buildings & Canopies

It's classism

Just subtract the can of beans

A ripple of mass ignorance is a brand you see

It's hate

no marketers

Hate is self-marked

We hate the unknown & don't accept

People's accomplishments

It's comfort

Drink your coffee slow

Do you know where a target is?

The same amount of a coffee

equals a meal for starving kids

It's marvelous how important

The stain on that carpet is

When most people don't have a place

Nor know what comfort is

This substance

is brought to you by A sober mind

one that is under the influence

Of motivation injected into the brain

Via increments

My sentences
are a result of elements

Past present & prevalent

I've learned the benefits

of being an optimus

Optimism is key I'm just looking up

I universally believe

that we are capable of being one

just smile when you see Sun

This journey has just begun

- stellarhero
STLR Nov 2016
This is for you lame poets

for those who think they can write

but aren't trying and they know it

Maybe if they used a pen right

The ink, would, in turn, show it

Scribble lines were written for pure hype

The Opposite of blurred is focused

The passion unveiled by this action is real

Massive of accents appeal, drastic yet passively chill

Why is your wackness alive and steadily actively well?

Are your points derived from a skill?

You're as dull as the night without lights or some thrill

Pick up a quill then ignite likes its hell

Shuffle your words, in return make a deal

Lies from the truth, I can easily tell

I sit in a booth, then I write what I feel

That feeling of feeling that moment of falling, emotions are heavy and heavy is frolicking

That was a lie....I hope you are following

There's a doubt in my mind, you aren't reading this properly

Do not get board...then just GO like monopoly

Maybe if I put a few words down, you will rate it

There are poets who show it...yet are still underrated

A sea full of story's that have been negated

I write what I feel and I will not be waiting

These words of chemistry clutch captivation

Winds of auroras spark smart illustrations

Verbal wasteland I recycle the sanitation

My heart pumps to fuel the blood of imagination

Devour all who find word-puzzles an aggravation

I take inspiration from various locations,then stitch words to combine these places

Now look what has happened

An arsenal of words to engage in action

Here's a hint of wordplay with a dash of passion

lyrical disaster for the eyes of the masses

Simply dedicated to the three-lined poet has bins
STLR Nov 2016
On the day that I die, I hope the sun cries stronger than its average sunlight.

Beaming positivity into those who don't try nor seem to care

I will never fear days when I'm not there.  And though it may appear, my intentions are steered.

Let this direction be a perception of clear.

My purpose has been fulfilled I'm fueled by life & deaths contrast, counterparts in a fashion

Let my thoughts never be heard, but instead dipped into acid, poured into cups then drank by the masses

Death by ideal or death by a passion?

I rather lather in goals and feelings of satisfaction.
STLR Nov 2016
These words are all I have
Deep rooted down, looking just to grab
Substance that is textural text on pedestal

I’m trying to be a person
that Isn’t so forgettable

It’s hard to cross that line,
When you want to optimize

Because everything thing you know
Is in an ocean full of lies
Will you drown or arise?
Fish hook down Pull your soul to the sky
watch you rise above the tides
of the hate and the demise

I see that vibes are strong as eyes
When they flicker in night

From this point
I have a made a decision

Too cut deep
like the slice of an incision

To do what I want
No matter what the outcome is

Tangerine Dreams
Rituals of an Alchemist

Often result
in calculations
Equivalent to calculus

When I have Dreams
I visualize with the alphabet

This is sponsored by
the human life, a billion lives
Which intertwine, Who’ve been defined by actions done in repetition

Exhibit A

Point blank, this blanks a tanked state You’ve learned once don’t make the same mistake,
Remove the “mis” out of “take”
then take that opportunity, don’t miss a thing because that “s” is where you want to be.

S is for success S is for solution I is for identifying M’s is for the Movement

Don’t rearrange these letters
or you’ll lose this
Focus that you have,
positivity is blooming

Reverse the negativity
Convert your best of energies
Revert from being cloned
Create your own identity
STLR Nov 2016
Welcome to the stellar season

new passion & new reason

I am reignited

too flamed, I’m heat seeking

Simply motivated

like a *******

Condoms made of confidence

Just in case I **** your mother

I’ve come from the bottomless

I’m higher than the very top

Too high, Upper echelon, ***** I’m Michael Angelo mixed with a Megatron

Phantom of the Op

with a knife that never stops

Chucky in the form of a dope decepticon

looking for a *** of gold like a leprechaun

If I don’t find the gold, then I’ll put the *** in ****

then spark that **** forever long

Confidence & cognac enough to keep me gunning,

cardio to cardiac Arrested for the running

Running of the mouth, running of the mind, I feel too defined

I think I’ve reached a line


I write & spit a verse or two

yelling at the sky to see what the universe would do

a science experiment and the catalyst is you

steady battling the truth

Between working that 9 to 5

Or chasing your inner youth

Displacement of bigger visions

Shuffled by rash decisions

Motivation has risen, coupled with work ethic

I want exotics & moments of rarity

My visions clear, I’m surprised by this clarity

The world's changing like moods swings and irregularities

2016 will be the year of efficiency

A strong alliance of motivation and pure ability

Smarter science, enhances ions an durability

Energy streams through my seams like electricity

it feels riveting

I will change my ground like a terraform generator

I know that I’m bound to something that’s much greater

**** all of the hate

******* & the naysayers

onion I am

my mind has many layers

No more dishes served cold

I’m tired of late waiters

I’m a heat-seeking ventilator

Freestyle originator

Here's some cold bars & some beers from my refrigerator

Mastermind incinerator to all of the instigators

Instagram this so you ***** can read it later

No More Procrastinators, haters & ******* decisions makers

I’m bulldozing my way, then rebuilding like path makers

Skillfully shifting ground  

I’m here to tilt the equator

The time to make money

is now

Not later

Negotiations of lame relations are no longer in the equation

I’m on my digital hustle like a roomed packed with 3 Indians & 2 Asians

All coding syntax for an app that automatically takes pictures of random places

Not so C++ Basic, but if you can crack the code then it’s your for the taking

This is the stellar season were motivation is lurking, I’m excited like jive turkey, hand me a biscuit, time to consume then sore like a fly birdie.

my minds sturdy, I’m making sick instrumentals to spit a flow from the mental then simply define worthy.
STLR Nov 2016
The wanderer walks more then he talks fished in a *** of emotions asteroid

torn by the fact that time is a plant
of which can't be regrown when grown on a slant
oh surface what is my purpose?
why am I here? what am I after?
what is my fear?

Stuck in a haze
of being afraid of the future

I'm the wanderer of night

The walker of the shadows

my feet glide lightly beneath the
street & it's gravel

I'm peeping at the living
within the holes of their hollows

Wondering if there lives are a cycle

Go to sleep, Go to work,
Go where ever the light glows

Follow the crowd, be a part of the now

Your past actions will only be known as a noun, I've figured it out, I've opened the spout

The opportunities are endless there just flowing about

the waters of remembrance are very shallow, and impact must be heavy to make a splash

Do what you love, and your passions will truly last

Don't be stuck in the past, instead,  thrive on what's here today

This message is retrospective
echoed in constant delay

As I walk deeper into the dark this is what I truly say....L...O...S...T

it's hard to stay on track when you've mentally lost perspective
When everything you've known turns unfamiliar within seconds

Is this good energy?

or the spread of an infection?

I need a tower of fortune cookies

to hold my lessons

For when that tower crashes

it will crumble into a message

Do I search for more? or do I stay inside the common section?

I'm searching for the uncommon and people of rarity

Who can explain the emotions

of human irregularity?

Will I sustain my vision of singularity

art crafted in loops

repetition brings recognition to patterns covered from clarity

This is just a turn of the leaf

roots of the past years die off

they become obsolete, as we drift deeper into forms of technology, we suddenly find people in the form of anomalies

Look outside your window and standing there I will be, a stranger in the night

Peeping through windows for company

Only searching for answers that all of us seem to seek

Who will I be today and the following week

Who will I meet today that will change who I want to be

These are thoughts of the wanderer waking amount the streets
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