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Jon Hoover Feb 6
When we met in 1985, this is where you caught my eyes.
You were 17 & me 14 then, with your eyes on the older men.
I knew I did not have a chance on that day.
So, I crossed my fingers so chance my play.
35 years later as life marched on.
You were like a fawn once far far gone.
I found you again, so I asked you out.
You said yes without a doubt.
In my eyes you are still that fawn like teen.
I am lucky enough to go out with, in 2019...
Gaius Normanyo Dec 2016
I arrived too late to love,
Yet got there just in time to see it pass me by.
“Bye." I can never say it.
I never let go. I don't know if I ever will.
Will power. I need more before lethargy sets and turns me upside down.
Down. An All Time Low. A record on the lowest point, but I know it gets better.
Better off getting it out than it rattling in my brain this late.
I arrived at the conclusion that it will never be too late love.
1:01 PM, 12/10/16 - 1:01 AM, 12/17/16
STLR Nov 2016
Inspired by my friend's assortment of shapes and colors

Original style & traditional technique  

Creates art like nonother

My art brother, taking the colors and shredding the canvas

distorted faces from other planets

From traditional to digital

Those techniques are critical

Sketching, drawing on paper

Emotions turned physical

Contrast with contours of color that’s Subliminal

I can take a brush and ****** a million strokes

only to a evoke that life is a chameleon coat

Plenty colors mix with a heavy dose and an antidote

Spectrums tell the story of pallets scattered across the globe

Intersections of civilian lives create a chain effect like some dominos

Retrospective minds seek ideas that are divine yet quite bountiful

A beast confined in walls is but a human animal

unleash and you will find that everything is tangible

Instinctual being, seeing is the true believing

literal beams shine, to find a truer meaning  

unpredictability, dictates our true abilities  

I am but an entity

who seeks to be a piece of energy

not blinded by identity

I forge these recipes, so all your eyes can eat

for these words are too delicious

so don't hit backspace our alt delete
Victoria Lynn Oct 2015
Now I have this sinking feeling in my stomach because you decided to get involved with **** that was NONE of your business. What the actual ****.
Why the **** do I care so much
labyrinth Apr 2015
I am a caged bird, my song is calm
my master lets me sleep in his palm
I am a caged bird, my song is weak
my master likes to kiss my beak
I am a caged bird, my wings are useless, they're clipped
my master thinks I'll leave with every drink he sipped
I am a caged bird, my eyes are dark and brooding
my master thinks its his fate to which I'm alluding

I am a caged bird, my master broke my cage
Because my song changed after seeing his rage

I am an injured bird, my song is calm
my master lets me sleep in his palm
I am an injured bird, my song is weak
my Master likes to kiss my beak
I am an injured bird, my wing is pierced
my Master only hurt me because I hurt him first
I am an injured bird, my eyes are hopeless
my Master says he misses my caress
I am a happy bird, I cannot fly
but with my Master I need not try
I am a Happy bird, I cannot sing
for my Master, my sweet king
I am a Happy Bird, I laid an egg one day
it seems like master will let me stay

Master doesn't want another bird, he says
I am a content bird, I take my egg and part ways.

Master is looking for me, he looks insane
I hold my egg and cry, I need not explain

I am a hiding bird, I do not sing
for fear that through the forest my song will ring
I am a hiding bird, I dropped my egg and it died
for fear that this baby would know the reasons I cried

I am an injured bird, wont you please come see?
I won't even take off the ring he put on me
I am an injured bird, wont you **** me now?
He's hurt me too much to break my vow

I am an injured bird, I miss my Master
the one before his blows came faster
to be continued
Tristan Dec 2014
Holy verses in her kiss
She was your bible
You found nature in her lips
Her love was tribal
She gave purpose to your hips
Your soul's revival

Such a hopeful Eve
But the apple let you down

She played you fast, used her whip
No slow recital
You waited for her to call in
But no arrival
For your own safety, fled the strip
Your own survival

Gave it up for her
But only just to let you down
Now you want to run wild

Your heart's been dragged from left to right
Your soul's in limbo
To suffocate your open mind
She closed the window
And now revenge is in your eyes
You cannot win though

Such a hopeful Eve
But the apple let you down

In bed, replace the broken lies
But keep the pillow
Fill up the space between your thighs
Empty crescendo
Pleasure and pain become your life
Your special syndrome

Gave it up for her
But only just to let you down
And now you want to run wild

Now you want to run wild.
A song by Jon Bellion, edited slightly for my own ideas
Serebral Spring Oct 2014
He sits alone
A boy with a soft and quiet tone

Groups of people hurdle by
But not this boy, who lets out a silent cry

He is a bit of a loner
Always walks as if he is hiding a *****

Adolescent ****** hair
That's tattered and ware

Lays upon his face
Swaying with grace

He wants to be home
Watching **** on Google Chrome

But he cannot until three
When he runs home with glee

But for now he is stuck
As a pigeon in truck
Yeah, you did just experience that.
I know they're not
The fact I frequent
creative results
may be
more or less
After all
who am I
compared to
Jon Stewart
or a Greek

But maybe
I don't care.
Maybe I take them
just for fun.
And who can complain
when they are compared
to Charizard
and Winnie the Pooh?

— The End —