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Alaska Oct 2018
This feeling that everyone talks so much about...
I think I feel it for you,
and it scares me so much.

Is it possible that I do?
I keep denying that I do, hoping lying to myself with make it go away.
Renee Danes Sep 2018
No Hello,
To you,
To me,
Behind this screen,
What do you see,
Yes, words,
Tiny little microchips,
Piecing these words together,
As if I am a computer... Ha,
But then again,
You would never know,
But, yes,
I am only human,
A human with emotions,
And feelings,
And the words people type on the screen,
Are not to a microchip,
No hate texts to AI,
Some people just forget that the person at the other end of the screen,
Is just that...

Cyber-bullying isn't cool, don't think that just because you don't say it to their face doesn't make it nice.
Sela Jul 2018
I talk to the world
May they hear my heart

I cry out my protests
May they know my problems

My words. Where are they?
kitkat keighley Jul 2018
You think you got me heartbroken
Well tell yourself you’re wrong
Don’t think I’ve forgotten
The lies you’ve spoken
God Seth
Wake up to yourself!
You’re a mess
You put people through the stress
Might as well wear a dress
No wonder why you’re so depressed
You’re ****** in your own selfishness
I haven’t forgiven you
Selena Jul 2018
I was always told girls don't cuss
they don't speak out of turn
they let the guy control the relationship
I was 5 when my mom told me to sit
Even straighter than the 180 degree line
I sat at
She said boys were scouting
And I was their prey
I didn't know
the way I dressed
If I was a ***** or not
Because we live
In a society
where **** shaming
Is encouraged
And how many girls
Did you **** last night
was an encouragement
But if I try and tell someone
I want attention
And I’m not really the victim
Because it was my fault
For dressing like I wanted it
My father told me not to argue with men
So the second time
You encased
Me in my nightmare
I didn’t try to fight
bruises linger from the first time
I felt worthless
you made me lose my worth
because my shoulder was
too provoking
the spark in my eyes gone
the emotion held on my face
non existent
as you pined me to the floor
you said
don't tell anyone
and my father taught me
to never argue with a man.
Renee Danes Jun 2018
The tattered focused lens
So bad at point of view
The rain falls off the glass
And into the street

The camera's lens is false
A figment of a humans viewpoint
It is a humans opinion
The minds foreign thoughts

It plans on basing
Everything it see's
By looks alone
It goes no deeper than the surface

A photo of a smiling family
But maybe on the inside of things
Murderers and theives
Who live in paranoia of getting caught

A picture of a girl
Playing with some other girls
Maybe that girl lost her mother to cancer
And her dad is never home because he always working

How many times have we all
Took a glimpse of someone
And thought we knew who they were?
What they were like? What kind of family they grew up with?

It's sad to say we do
Judging books by their cover
Or judging people by their color
Without thinking much about it

A captured image
Portrayed in black and white
Discrimination, colors, races
Who have we become?

Or people just like us
And we don't take the time to listen
Are our problems more important
Than those that were of a little girl who killed herself because other people made fun of who she was?

And most of us would say "I am a good person"
Just look at yourselfs!
A bunch of mindless talkers
Who don't know they've helped **** innocent people

This problem is not beyond the realm of possibility of fixing
unlike those of fixing the ozone layer or helping rebuild the polar ice caps,
This is fixable, do-able,
So lets fix it...

We're all one people in the same world if you think about it that long,
This is what the world POV should be...
Lets stop prejudice, discrimination, and bullying
sage May 2018
though, so incredibly hard to say,
i think i killed myself today.

no, it wasn't the gun i thought it would be,
and it wasn't the pills i bought to be free.

it wasn't the candles or the gasoline,
it wasn't the running into a limousine.

i think it was me in my bed so late,
unwilling to behold my fate.

my eyes slipped shut and they haven't opened yet.
but that would be lucky, and i'm alive, i bet.

just wait until tomorrow, maybe we'll see
what i can really do to me.
i think i give up.
BR May 2018
Did you know that if you leave your car in your driveway,
With the keys in the ignition,
And someone sits down in the front seat like they own it, and drives away,
You are the one who is liable for theft?
They can drive that sucker to the coast.
They can burn the upholstery with their cigarettes. They can bring their friends into the back seat, and fill the compartments with their refuse, and ****, and they can leave it ruined in front of your house, or crushed into the median on the highway, or left in disconnected pieces under an overpass.
It will be called, “unauthorized use of a vehicle.”
It will be called a “misdemeanor.”
But you left the car running.
Weren't you kind of asking for it to happen?

They said,
(Gesturing to the skirt which fell to two inches
above my kneecap),
Is like that.

If I walk outside of my house in jeans and a t-shirt, or a long dress with thin straps,
Or with my chin tilted out,
Or with long eyelashes,
Or with full lips,
Or with my hips swaying when I walk,

It's like I left the car running.

It's like I invited them to force their bodies into the front seat.
In their minds, or with their hands, or with their lips to anyone who would listen to them.

Little girls in leotards become like unlocked car doors;
Where men can burn their cigarettes into their skin,
Or stick their fingers in
In plain view of their parents,
And told to let it happen,
It isn't theft,
It's “a medical examination.”

What did they expect?
It isn't a theft.
She was just as guilty of negligence.
It isn't really a felony.
It's not THAT BAD. (Stop being so dramatic.)
It's the unauthorized use of your body, for a time, or one night,
or every time you close your eyes for the rest of your life,


But you left the car running.
Renee Danes May 2018
No wonder we never get the memo,
We think about it very little
As if! Ha! Sometimes never at all
we think we are so tall,
mighty above whom?
Where did we get the idea
that we were better
than anyone else?
The rugged words we say
to pull someone down into the dust,
so as the simple words fade away,
do you think that ourselves we can trust?
For although few words may be spoken,
Is one simple word not enough?!
To bring someone down and be broken,
No wonder that life is so tough!
Now that you think that it's fine,
as if one little thing doesn't matter,
put yourself into their shoes sometime,
I'm sure then you won't prefer the latter...
For all the victims of bullying, and for all the bullies who need to think about what they're doing to us victims!
Renee Danes May 2018
When did we
The world
As it is

The people
Who care
What happens
To us

How many friends
Would die
To save us?

How many people
Would care
If I died?

When did we
Ever realize
How words can hurt?

Did we ever realize that?

I regret to say most have not

They don't know how it feels...
Bullying is bad for everyone... No Bullying, realize that everyone is equal to you and we are people too...
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