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Anais Vionet Dec 2020
You made me rub you
I didn't want to do it
I didn't want to do it

You paid me **** you -
I was so scared I'd do it
You always knew I'd do it

You made us happy sometimes
you made us sad
the twisted world you made, Jeff
You treated us so bad.

You made me fly for
The island where you kept us
and all your friends slept with us.

We wanted something newwwww
Yes, It's true, 'deed we knew
You know we knewwwww

Giving, Giving, Giving, Giving what you lied for
there are some things rich men commit
- perverted crimes for...

You know you made me rub youuuuuuuu
*We just finished the documentary. the case is complicated, the case is simple. The story is as old as the bible.
From a comic routine I saw: "The difference between a man and woman's *** drive is like the difference in throwing a bullet and shooting it." Which may be why this mystifies me. Why doesn't the rich guy get a mistress or two?
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
From poem #27 of THHT3

...We all know what’s going on,
The Young & The Restless could be a list that’s forever long,
of confessions composed as a set list but not sung,
we all know They are attracted to the Innocent & Young,
because in the twisted logic, of their perverted minds’ tongue,
they think by being with children, they’ll stay Forever Young,
it’s disgusting, & I’m so ashamed of the city I’m from,
that I’m not even having kids, nope not even one,
because I already feel bad enough for those already born,  
wish I could warn every daughter & ever son,

& don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to single out Hollywood,
the problems are much more widespread just ask The Vatican,
or the over 800 Boy Scouts that say they were abused,
by the hands of those that were chose to lead as captains,

yeah man not much is mentioned but lots has sure happened,

lots of names go undisclosed in the drawers of the ****-Files,
Roman Polanski, R. Kelly, Brian Singer, Jeffery Epstein,
& those are just the ones that have been exposed,
we all know most crimes go untold,

& no please don’t take this the wrong way,
I’m not trying to say every celeb likes kids underage,
in fact most of those that act are kind, protect & fight back,
nor am I saying I always mean attraction in a ****** way,
I’m just saying I feel confused & it seems like everyone’s gay,
or at least strange & most don’t know how to behave,
& I want to care but these days who cares anyways,
I guess I don’t anymore, I just want to get away,

just want to escape, so I’m running away,

I’m leaving Neverland, never to return again,
I’m leaving Neverland, for real & forever man...

from The Hollywood Hills Trilogy vol. 3

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∆ LaLux ∆
ConnectHook Aug 2019
This procurer of underage tail
made the Post, and then later, the Mail  
Let us sing our refrain
for recruiter Ghislaine:
we would like her detained without bail.

While her In-N-Out burger went cold,
Madame Maxwell was looking quite old.
Let her smile for the Times;
and then pay for her crimes
after all of her secrets are told.
♪ Bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down . . . .♫
Aaron LaLux Aug 2019
from THHT3: Dark Shadows & Bright Lights
99 Poems
available worldwide 9/9/19

That That Is (Mike Posner Vibes)

That feeling in your gut, that tingle in your spine,
those goosebumps on skin, that voice that speaks from inside,
that energy in the crowd, that aura in the air,
that vibe, that sense that there’s so much more out there,
though maybe nothing really matters,
& maybe that’s why no one seems to care,
is that fact depressing or liberating,
does it fill you with hope or despair,
probably both.
Collective Existence is a Totalitarian Democracy,
there’s an all seeing Supreme Being but still you can vote,
the Coronary Donor is a Poetic Loner,
that honors the Moment by walking across the globe,
as he contemplates growing a beard like Mike Posner,
he writes composures as he goes forward down Life’s Road,
hoping for healing so he can have closure,
but can’t escape that feeling in his gut, that tingle in his spine,
those goosebumps on skin, that voice that speaks from inside,
that energy in the crowd, that aura in the air,
that vibe, that sense that there’s so much more out there…

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: Dark Shadows & Bright Lights
99 Poems
available worldwide: 9/9/19

#mikeposner #poppoetry #poppoem #emopoetry #emopoem
money bought him
the young flowers to
money bought him

yet his money
bought him trouble
for his victims were
well below the age of

his money will need
to buy good legal
as the New York prosecutors
so desire his

money never purchased
him an ounce of
on his money he'll be
left to endlessly

— The End —