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Cameron Dec 2019
A great, and solemn ending
For the esteemed gentleman

A life lived for others
Not lived at all

Never seeking own joy
Never seeking anything

Was he ever alive to begin with?
Cameron Dec 2019
I would always be the one to leave the room.
To stand in the rain

And stare longingly into the distance
Hoping and waiting for something
Or someone
That would never come

My ideals forever under lock and key
Preserved behind a wall

Sadness and fear swallow me whole
knowing that
I will truly
Be alone

For all time
Cameron Dec 2019
Triumphant victory, sews seeds
For a catastporhic downfall.
Cameron Dec 2019
Isolation is protection
Protection is aloneness
Aloneness is sorrow
And sorrow leads you back
Back to those you love.
Cameron Dec 2019
The man is me,
My thoughts culminated onto paper are a reflection of myself,
Of the demons inside,
As well as the light that faintly shines.
  Oct 2019 Cameron
Luis Valencia
I'm learning
That life isn't simple
It's complex

I'm learning
That smiling can cure a wounded heart

I'm learning
That it's okay for people to touch you
It's okay to need a hug
It's okay to not cry alone

I'm learning
That it's normal to take a day to relax
It's easier to focus when you have a clear mind

I'm learning
That sometimes the person you love
Can't love you back

I'm learning
That it's okay to let go
its okay to say goodbye

Im learning
How to be patient
Good things will come
Cameron Sep 2019
Does anyone really know
The Real Me
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