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you carved your behavior in my mind,
an impression once carved can't be erased,
like a carving on a stone,
even water can't faze it,
just like time,
carves actions to memories,
these memories sink in reality,
causing my motionless,
body to move in slumber,

more like seeing the reaper,
or the puppets,
which move, glance,
and the worst of all smile,

Would it be okay,
if I could introduce myself again?
The cycle of making friends, then realizing the procedure again.
veil carrying stardust,
lift us from tis slumber,
guide us O, acorn hiding in the bark,
Dear, robin sing alongside,
Dogs as you carry the sleigh,
inspire us, give us courage,
Goddess of snow and winter,
calm the fire within us,
erase and cleanse the darkness,
be our gardener,
Master of forest,
help us bloom,
bless us with spells,
O mother,
let our footsteps,
cleanse and ward any evil,
make us fearless,
fill our hearts and hands,
with warmth of love seeking friendship,
Guide us O divine spirits,
Guide us everywhere,
be our compass,
and our protector.
Inspiration : Ancient Magus bride
you chapped your lips,
while I taped by wings,

you colored your hair,
while I lost my vigor,

you craved love,
while I cried in silence,

you shed glitter,
while I shed blood,

you clapped,
I clasped,

you laughed,
my pharynx struggled to make it through,

you kissed,
I lost my oxygen,
a very inspiring topic,
a question unanswered,
but to me, it is the present,
I wanna love you,
love, the way you work,
from afar,
not to sneak, like stalk,
rather, just a peek,
while discovering my melody,
wanna see you smile,
not the whole day,
for just a while,
obviously, you are across a mile,
I wanna support you,
in whatever you do,
it's a little extra demand,
but its cool, until you don't notice,
I wanna see you smile, just with another girl,
witnessing your happiness,
while I kindle my emotions,
It may be an imagination,
you'd probably say, it's weird,
but it's just a little extra,
I don't want time to stop,
I wanna see you grow,
impress me over and over,
until you don't notice,
I wanna see you everyday,
being with you is splendid,
until you don't notice,
because if you do,
I would be flustered
dressed in a white robe,
beauty shimmering in the darkness,
awaiting your presence,
longing for the shrink,
amongst the distance amidst us,
we might've been star crossed,
I wanted to be closer,
Now am,
I revolve around you,
only to see you once,
between dusk and dawn,
one peek,
I make the day,
till tis day,
you smile when you see me,
sometimes we quarrel,
and you are behind the curtains,
blessed am I,
amongst my rage,
you offered me support,
amidst my fears, you interrupted,
by my side,
in my fragility, you aided me,
I owed, owe and will owe you a lot,
my life, my strength, and many more,
you unleashed, the true me,
I created an empire,
the power to create many more,
I blame you now,
in my happiness,
you left me,
not taking me with you,
despising this success,
I wanted to be there with you...
They have infiltrated our land,
They have taken our harmony,
To chase  money,
All is unfair,
The dark clouded sky,
Toxic fumes,uncertain showers,
They have searched for all the secrets,
leaving behind nothing, but regrets,
Deceiving our Mother, only taking and destroying,
They have decided our Fate,
Who should die, who should live,
And Yet again and again we forgive .......
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