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Zane Safrit May 2020
Morning. Beautiful morning.
A shimmering, lacy thing
Bringing Hints and promises
Enticements and gifts
All for the glory of God
Or the vanity of man, woman and child
Some pleasure too,
A bit of Happiness
found in a smile or giggle
A laugh, a song, a dance step

Look up, look up,
The cloud passes by
And oh what joy
its shelter from the sun
And yet and yet
the sun will not be denied

The perfume of pastries
Lurking, waiting
Coffee aroma
Raising its hand
like grade school child
with the right answer
demanding to be recognized

Coffee it is
Coffee it shall be
For how better to see the world
than after a first cup in this early, glorious, morning

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Sitting on a park bench... drinking in the sights and sounds of a beautiful morning.
Zane Safrit Apr 2020
You said that you loved me
Then where did you  go?
I'm sitting here wondering
Just how would I know.

We loved and we laughed
And we both wanted more
I finished my shower.
While you walked out the door

I paid all your bills
And climbed all your hills
So baby won't you tell me
What I did so **** wrong

Maybe that's the real problem
But it wasn't for me.
Maybe all you really wanted
Was just to be free.

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
The rhythm of this song came from John Prine's "Paradise." Stay safe, stay strong, keep living with fire and passion... in closed quarters for now.
Zane Safrit Aug 2019
Crystal **** and Mountain Dew
You got me and I got you
Whoa boy
Whoa girl

Sitting around
Nothing to do
Who needs glue
When I got you
Whoa boy
Whoa girl

You wear jammies
I wear jeans
When we go shopping
at our Hy-Vee
Whoa boy
Whoa girl

We had our jobs
Health insurance, too
Now they’re gone
What do you do?

3 bars closed,
We’re down to one
But that’s okay
Cause I got you
Whoa boy
Whoa girl

Winter’s coming
It’s getting dark
Propane’s empty
The car won’t start
Whoa boy
Whoa girl

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Rough, very rough draft. Life in rural, midwestern areas is rough, very rough. Jobs are gone, communities dying, hospitals closing... Corporate Ag ruins the air and water and lives of all it touches. Anyway...
Zane Safrit Jul 2019
"You’re never too old
To dream," Mr Tony said
And a tear ran down his cheek
Truth is known in many ways
None truer than a shed tear
For all to see.

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Zane Safrit Jul 2019
Sitting in the back of the bus
Wondering what it is
All of the fuss
Sit down, be quiet
Let the man drive
We're all gonna get there
Let's hope we're alive

The windows are *****
Should I wipe them clean
Sideshows and wildlife
I'm told it's quite the scene

I close my eyes
It's a long ride
I'm gonna reach home
One stop or the next.
One day or the the next.

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Yeah, there's a kernel of something good in here. I need to revisit it if I want to find it.
Zane Safrit May 2019
It must be love
They say it must be
I say we’re two ships
passing in the night
blinking lights and sounding horns

Circling each other
as we search for safe harbor
Not to be found
We’ll sail the stormy seas

Rest and renew on the calm ones
Rolling over on our bellies
Like Whales and I’m mixing metaphors
Cause it must be love

My brain, fevered rushes
explosions of giddy laughing
in all the wrong places
like checkout lines
or stuck in traffic

Other drivers see a mad man
I see ‘em reach for a phone,
checking their door locks
I laugh louder, they race away

It must be love, I tell ya
Now you’re laughing
Laying in the sun, no need
to blink lights or sound horns

I’m beside you, you’re beside me
Foghorn leghorn I say, I say
You laugh, I laugh
Must be love.

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
I was listening to Rickie Lee Jones. She has a great song titled "Must be Love."
Zane Safrit Apr 2019
Love lurks in the shadows, a B&E pro,
watching for an open window, an unlatched screen door,
on the not yet hardened heart.
If we’re not careful
It sneaks in through a sly glance
A smile, a nod, a giggle, a laugh
Sometimes it hides like trojan horse in the inane argument
the one that won’t stop, we won’t stop.
it keeps churning back and forth, the everready bunny,
Until we can’t breathe, have nothing left to say
except for what we want to say.

It’s a comedian, hiding in punchlines like
a mowed yard and the trash cans waiting at the curb,
Tax filings and balanced household budgets,
a clean sink
and a car tuned up, gassed up and
ready for the morning dash.

Love announces itself in a shout
a why the hell’d you do that, shout
Love’s a twisted trickster,
hiding in puke
Cold towels on a sweaty forehead
Then the knitted cap
Keeping that cold head warm

Love gets all shy when things get noisy,
The kid who won’t make eye contact
So sit tight, sit quiet and listen
It’s hard
Try it sometime
See what you think
Let me know.

Love’s never found in an open cellphone
Swiping, swiping, no.
Maybe a text, maybe,
But not for long.

Love’s demanding, impatient
Pleeeze don’t give me that
Let ‘em go and if they return
Blah-blah *******
Absence makes the heart shrivel

Love dies in loneliness
Loneliness is to love
Like water is to The Evil Queen in Wizard of Oz
A few drops and it starts to die.

When you find love,
Feed it, feed it, feed it
Let it rest and breathe
Keep it safe,
And never let it go,
Never make it want to hide.  

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
I started reading Charles Bukowski. With that inspiration I started writing this poem a few days ago. But I'm not Charles, and allowing time for this poem to sit a little, listening to what worked and what felt right, here it is. Hope you enjoy.
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