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  Jul 3 Micaela
Spencer Arndt
This love is ****** and raw
This love is so sweet
This love is youthful
This love is free
This love is spontaneous yet steady
This love is complete
This love—
Is on repeat
Micaela Jul 2
the true Great Teacher
lets you see
who you are

Rather than
what one book says
you should be
Micaela Jul 2
Since when
was my reputation
more important
than my happiness?

Since when
were your morals
more significant
than my peace of mind?

And since when
did you get to decide
how my character
would develop?
Micaela Jun 30
i wish you would expose me
for the brave comment
for the snide remark
for the gentle mention
for the valiant mistake
that i am.
Micaela Jun 30
It’s hard
to make people

if you don’t
make people
valued and loved
Micaela Jun 23
i think
the beds in heaven
will be the same
shade of tender pink
as the peonies
you surprised
my restlessly happy heart
with tonight.

and when i lie down  
in the beds of heaven,
i think
my restfully blissful heart
will crave
my sweeter,
earthly gift.
Micaela Jun 21
we finally went swimming today,
(our first time
in two years)
and the whole time just felt
like a metaphor of

you flipped me,
dunked me,
grabbed me underwater,
told me to clutch
“that cute little nose”
and hold my breath—

so that i could be
brave enough to try
something exciting
that i was afraid of.

you do this every day;
in the water,

it was much more clear.
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