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Mb 5d
Everything that's broke
And the flower buds which bloom,
leave it to the breeze 💛
Everything that is broken or bleeding in human, the sorrow element of life and also the good side of life is represented by the flower buds which bloom. Even its broken or beautiful that doesn't matter as everything is left to nature. And go with the flow of life.
Mb Feb 2018
Somewhere between
chasing the clouds and
dreaming the stars.
Their love story began.
Mb Feb 2018
My life was utter darkness
and furthermore I felt so blind,
quite like a black canvas.
Until you brought colours to it.
-inspirational work.

You are the artist,
who brought art in my life.
Do follow Sweet Symphony,
She got amazing stuffs.
This stroke me this morning when things were getting hard, and thus I can't resist from posting this.
Thank you so much sweet symphony.
Mb Feb 2018
You're the SI unit of my life.
Mb Feb 2018
You left her drowning and
then she became a mermaid.
Mb Feb 2018
She is the bird who fell for you,
So make sure she flies again.
Mb Feb 2018
"What will others think"
is the reason for my shattered dreams.
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