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Dibyendu Sarkar Jun 2020
Song of **** 
Things got wrong 
Black dark sky 
Landed on D2371. 

This void soul 
Dark matter shatter
Who are you?
A question perhaps 

Trapped in screenshot 
Living in simulation 
Talk of town
Who's this sarcasticbong? 

Dumb dumb 
Looking for show
It's hidden flow
Blinded earthlings go. 

Multiple parallel riff 
Colours popping gif
Can't you niff 
Awake your clairvoyance. 
Narrate your story
Mock theosist lore
So called influencer 
Hide your favorites 
Blame to others 
Boycott with hastags
Real is bluff 
Everything good, me 
Everything bad, you 
Rhyming with tagline 
Someone tagged you. 




Depressed Gen.
Julie Grenness Jan 2016
Hail Earthlings, let's be full of grace,
Smiles should be on our human face,
Bless each other, one global race,
Hail Earthlings, let's be full of grace,
Holy Planet Earth, we pray,
Bless us all with peaceful ways,
Pray for us all forever to save,
Bless each other, one global race,
Bless the Earthlings, full of grace.
Feefback welcome.

— The End —