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Àŧùl Feb 2017
Her thought on my head,
Waking up to her dream.
Warmth of my bed,
Relish the doughnut cream.
Poetry that no longer bled,
Flowing in seamless stream.
Watching how the day sped,
Remembering my work team.
I now just need to focus what I was fed,
My self-confidence touches a new theme.
The theme is not self-centered,
Now I watch my work's completion beam.
The theme is now work-centered,
I have found salvation in my eyes agleam.
A conventional ABAB rhyme scheme.

My HP Poem #1418
©Atul Kaushal
silvervi Jan 2017
The path you take
The choice you make
It's all your decision
It's all your own vision

Cause everything's possible
This everything's now
It is what it is
You never know how

But if you believe
You can make a difference
And what a relief
This knowledge might bring
Just try everything
Try to do it your way
Let this be your one,
Your only experience

Remember that day
You look back on life
You see what it brings
You're staying alive

The difference
It's there
No one can deny
You made it,
You can
You are satisfied
Feliz G Jan 2017
Self-confident, you say, is what I need to be,
But it's what that caused this catastrophe.
Open you're eyes, tell me what you see,
Whoops, you messed up, look what you did to me.
Gosh, self-confidence surely helped me throughout the year! Making friends, earning trust, it's just the best! Maybe better if I would shut up!
nabi 나비 Dec 2016
I'm done being shamed for being me
For not believing in god
For being a lesbian
For listening to the music that isn't popular
For being a female with short hair
For being curious
For being a feminist
For being myself
I'm not going to change myself to fit into your standards
I'm not going to change the way I think and learn
Because you think I ask too many questions and need to keep my nose outta things
I'm not going to change the way I believe
Because I cannot change that you will not make me
I'm not going to change the way I look because of you
Because I really enjoy the way I look
I'm not going to pretend to like what is popular and in trend
Because I don't want to have the exact same interests as everyone around me
I am not going to change myself because I'm happy with myself
Just because you are not confident in yourself, doesn't mean I can't be
I'm done trying to change to make everyone else happy
I'm not going to shamed for being me
I'm unique and no one change that
Everyday people all over the world are frowned upon for being themselves, and I want people to know that it is OKAY to be yourself.  You are amazing and no one else should make you feel that you should be any different.  I love you and keep being your amazing self.
Alexis Lewis Jun 2016
Life, as it presents itself, is pretty straightforward.
It's all laid out for us like clothes on the bed when we are kids:
"This is how your life is going to be."
And we watch Disney and see all these people that have adventures And lives that aren't normal by any stretch of the word
And somehow we're expected to still have normal expectations of how
Our lives are going to play out.
Well, I'm sorry, world, but I have a longing to be better.
It's a cookie dough mix made out of both 1. Longing for recognition,
2. Wanting genuine friends,
And 3. Wanting to be valuable to someone.
Its a want to be wanted,
Like the characters in TV shows that get kidnapped and told
"You have a specific skillset that we need"
By a man in a black suit with a grave expression.
Wouldn't that just feel great? Like FINALLY
Someone thinks that I'm important, necessary, talented, special,
It's my greatest fear, the fear of living
Going to work, day after day,
Sliding the project in the inbox, leaving to grab a drink and watch some Netflix alone before bed, then
Doing it all again.
Even if I wasn't alone, if I had family
Wouldn't that get dreary? Like,
Take the kids to school, go to work, pick them up, go home.
Day after day until they grow up and are gone and I retire and then What?
What was the whole point?
I need something bigger//something transcendent
I need a purpose or a goal or a mission
I need someone to tell me, okay, we need you because ___
And then I need to feel the thrill of the moment, the thrill of doing Something I'm inherently good at.
Is it just me or
Am I the only one dissatisfied with life as it presents itself?
Laurent Apr 2015
In this night you sink,
You wait for an answer,
which will not come any more.
How far are you gonna take
this strange carousel,
You turn around aimlessly.
Love is a spell,
created by mortals,
Don't forget,
You are alive.
And It is time to shine.
Caz Feb 2015
i am so much more than they told me i was

Yes, I am.

more than the haters
more than the lovers
i am more than a queen of beauty
i am your unobtainable
i am your ruined dream
i am a deity far out of reach

and you do not deserve me
13 Feb, 2015.
Rylee Cracroft Feb 2015
though she  walks  a beautiful  road
    that  is  not  all  there  is.

bathed in brilliance
    flowing through her  being  as  if  it
      were  in her veins.

courage surges from  every orifice:
       a  warrior,  underestimated,   unappreciated

   head  among the clouds
      sun kissed eyes   blind
to  the  adverse

        lips graced  with  a  wisdom  beyond  the  years
radiant patience brushed  over  her skin

so though she walks  with  flowers  in  her  hair
     beauty   is  not  all  there  is.
Ceridwen Jan 2015
I always feared that when he touched me
he would draw back his hand in disgust.
Instead he holds me like old pages
chasing the foxes
he holds me like delicate lace
tracing each vine
and makes me feel rare
and beautiful.
god i know my poetry ***** im sorry
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