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Queen Z Oct 2020
What was the reason you parted???
This is how the moon got illuminated like this,
I met you like this, I got support for living.
All the moments spent were lost.

Everyone disappeared in the crowd of life
very miss you
Why is this distance
When the world sleeps
I cry that moment

The heart is asking, my tears don't stop
Why did you leave my way??
Now tell me,
Don't punish like this,
Return my love to me,
Join me again,
Teach to live life again,
This is the only thing now I want, wishing everyday.
Queen Z Oct 2020
I like white sweets,
For you only, my heart beats.

Your smile is so valuable,
For you, anytime I'm available.

You are my life,
That lucky lady is you,my wife.

Please don't be angry,
I know you are so hungry.

I've cooked your favourite dish,
I deserve at least one kiss.

For this gorgeous lady, one red rose,
How you will look on "Garmi" pose.

Forgive me for God sake,
Let's go and cut the cake.

I'll look after you everday,
By the way jaan, "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY."
Queen Z Oct 2020
I went to a park,
That eve was dark.

A girl was crying, I saw
But in red dress, She was wow!

Reason of pain, wanted to ask
Seemed like God has given me this task.

Tears was continuously rolling down,
She was looking beautiful in red gown.

I walked to her,
She was in little fear.

After two days, she had been murdered,
And shameful matter was  *****.

Officers started investing,
Upcoming news was more shocking.

Her brother was the prime suspect,
In India,for girls left no respect.

Finally officers got the culprit,
Own father was her ******.

Since years her father was ******,
O God! With girls what is happening...
Queen Z Oct 2020
He had proposed me openly on the road,
I used to ignore thinking him a crazy lover.
One day even slapped after getting irritated,
But he was really crazy,
Painted me also in his colour of love.

Started a new life with him and fought to the whole family,
At first he was addicted by me then alcohol was intoxicating.
And one day, he went very far,left me alone
Months passed,couldn't forget.
Also couldn't give place to someone in this rude life.

He has returned to my threshold once again
This is his desire to make a  place again in my life
Queen Z Oct 2020
Recall that moonlit night,
We were together on that lovingly sight.

What a wonderful moment that was,
Really, that was the real paradise.

My love for you, no need any lens,
Stars and fireflies are the evidence.

Walking together on a snowy path, glorious than the fantasy,
Never ever anyone had experienced on this galaxy.

Holding hands and waist tightly, my lips touched by yours,
Looked like, got an never ending love source.
Queen Z Oct 2020
From the birth till the death,
Has different level of stress.
Life starts going in darker rooms,
No switch of white light to press.

Since the birth of the child,
Parents force to be at the front in life's races.
Among the 1000,5 succeed,
But have something left in life which can bring snake on the face?

Bad memories give so much of pain,
Start smoking and drinking.
For sometimes give some relief,
But more deeper in hell,it's taking.
Queen Z Oct 2020
No one is by my side,
Have forgotten to smile.

Only tears are filled in my eyes,
Anytime it bursts into rain.
Which can hurt and harm everyone,
Heart is filled with that pain.

I became so cruel,
Speak only harsh words.
Want to live life happily,
Again like free birds.

Accept my apology,come back.
That is the only desire.
Which can bind you with me ,
I have that wire.

I have made a home,
You are the only key of the door.
Deeply touched my soul,
Only you are in my heart core.
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