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Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
It's a trip it really is.
Intention is a trip.
It really is.
It's something you are.
You're a creator.
You created it all.
It's self respect in you.
PoserPersona Jul 2018
As a mortal you will die;
  in exchange, a chance at life.
Though it is not guaranteed,
  moments, are odds to be seized.
Gale L Mccoy May 2018
The cruel boy will not giggle
Or the cold-hearted harpy
Must crusade on the street
She will seize.
She will finally speak in the summer
She shall flare with the lovestruck traveler
She will flounder
She shall not seize on a cloudy day
She shall strike
a piece I wrote a year ago and just found again. I absolutely dont remember writing it.
Hannah Zedaker Nov 2017
You rolled  down the window, and the cold air of the night rushed in.
It pounds on me as a mad woman on the door of an ex-lover,
And as it dissipated, it danced on my skin with feet of lead.
I took this beating, because in the moment
I enjoyed the pain;
.The coolness of the kiss from an abusive mother.
And she whispers in my ear that…
I am alive.
Iska Oct 2017
Do you have what it takes?
Is it burning inside?
A warriors heart,
a leaders mind?
Now is the time, lead the way.
Ride off to battle, seize the day.
They look to you, your spotlight shines,
so push on through, test your lines.

You've got what it takes,
I see it inside;
a warrior's passion,
a leader's pride.
you've got the heart, you've got the soul,
you've got the will, so take control.
Don't ever break, don't you dare walk away.
finish what you've started, seize the day.

You've got the skills,
they lay inside;
a warrior's dedication,
a leader's determination.
you've got nothing to lose, step up to the plate.
Fight in the battle, before its too late.

Though lose, you may,
the chance still stands,
to lead with victory's upper hand.
to fight your way, and in the end,
to seize the day.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2017
I see no face
nor your foot.
But you seize
my heart!
You get me hooked.
Paul Jones Jul 2017
From the hazel trees      beyond the meadow,
I heard you calling.     Whispers on the wind.
23:30 - 07/0717
State of mind: calm; deep thought.

Thoughts: from thinking - about faint memories, ideas that are hard to grasp... subtle touches. This expression represents the fleeting moment. Their brevity, here in an instance, then gone forever.

In Celtic folklore, the hazel tree is a symbol of creativity and wisdom.

Questions: none.

Listening to: Christina Grimmie - With Love
daisies Jan 2017
//i was told to forget due dates and deadlines. instead, seize every seconds we are given before the deadline//
written on December 20, 2016
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