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Lainey 6d
I left you at the hospital, the tears were yet undried.
Brave and yet so fragile, fighting by her side.
If I had a magic wand, I’d cast a healing spell,
turn back the clock to Summer past,
her body strong and well.
If hopes and love surrounding you could vanquish fear and pain,
this unified embrace would hold again and again.
I know that you’ve felt lonely, although you’re not alone.
Please reach out when you need someone, don’t face this on your own.
My wish for you is simple – that you one day truly feel; that with all the better things that passed; this time was barely real.
Dedicated to a friend who is one tough mother.
Lainey Jul 24
When I die,
I leave a legacy
For the earth
For kin
For my progeny.
A stone which has skimmed this infinite pond.
The ripples continue through life and beyond.
Lainey Jul 24
Still alive in memories
Thought of fondly, though years pass
Part of your family’s history
Loving hearts still hold you fast.
Lainey Jun 17
The brave ones wield their mettle,
yet again not settling for defeat.
Retreat is not a choice!
Though their voices shake; they speak their truth.
Strong and weak.
Age and Youth.
This poem is about a friend of mine who is by her daughter’s side as she fights bone cancer
Lainey May 16
You’ve traded insults with him from the time he could return them.
If he offered you which hairy arm to pick, you’d Chinese burn them.
His annoying level neediness would see you waste YOUR time
Just to see him stand, silver in hand,  on the Space Invaders line.
But HE was always there to help you put the chain back on
When the rest of the BMX Bandits had thrown up dust and gone!
And he was there to corroborate when your day in court arrived.
You were braver because you had him there and TOGETHER you’d survived.
Then the day when words escaped your lips and you just needed someone to save you?
No questions asked; jumped on a train; no hesitation gave you.
Coz pesky brothers grow into men,  somewhere along the way.
Rough them up but love them well for you’ll need them there some day.
Lainey May 12
The loving acts of daily grace
That no other could replace
The quiet way you show you’re strong
Forgiveness when you’re wronged

A silly moment, smiles abound
laughter and group hugs all ‘round
You belong here like no other
Special, priceless, strong, funny, warm and giving MOTHER.
Mothers Day Australia 2019
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