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TheUnseenPoet Apr 2023
The first flower of spring,
The first flake of snow,
The first walk in the rain
While warm breezes blow,
The first pinkened cheeks
As by sunlight kissed,
This is what I would have missed.
Grandchild's first steps,
His first words spoken,
The first hand held,
As he's gently awoken,
His first day at school,
his first girl kissed
This is what I would have missed.
The honour of becoming old,
And seeing wrinkles in my frown,
Pimping my mobility scooter
And roaring on it around town,
Laughing with the OAPs
While I fulfill my shopping list,
Coffee on a chilly day,
This is what I would have missed.
Still here after a fight with severe depression.
TheUnseenPoet Jan 2023
I do not wish my son to fight
No matter who is wrong or right.
I do not wish my son at war
I did not think when he was born
That every tiny pink nailed hand
Would be sent to some poor mother's land,
To hold a gun against her boy
And steal from her our maternal joy.
I do not wish my son to fight
In any war. Who cares who's 'right'.
Prisons built by prisoners
Who also act as guards
While running interference
That most will disregard
Confined to the matrix
Where freedom isn’t free
And where brainwashing is abundant
At peak capacity
A form of communication
Where no one is to speak
Profiting the rich
By abolishing the weak
TheUnseenPoet Dec 2022
Next door closed the curtains
And put out the cat.
Number three I couldn't see
4 shook out the mat.
17 (who are rather mean)
Turned the tree lights off,
The bloke who lives next door to them
Rattled off a chesty cough.
Porches dimmed and bedroom lights
flickered off along the street,
Couples gave a goodnight kiss
Dogs a pat and treat.

But how much else and how much more
if they'd known it was the night before?
TheUnseenPoet Sep 2022
I am no longer afraid of the night
Or of death
For I have danced across the stepping stones
In darkness
And not fallen in.
TheUnseenPoet May 2022
We are the poor.
We have no wealth.
Don't ask about our mental health
In fact walk past us.
Don't ask why
Just do not look us in the eye
Especially if you knew us before
When we wore socks and brushed our teeth
And hadn't given up and sank beneath
The awful maelstrom in our brain
Of fear, pain and damning shame.

We are the shadow people
But I see you,
And I know that you have shadows too.
TheUnseenPoet Nov 2021
Haven't seen you for a while.
You know how it is.
We are all struggling aren't we.
Terrible how it has been.
I wish you would

No not much. You?
That's a shame.
Yes they grow up so quickly.
I know. Time goes so fast yes.
ask me how I really am

Anyway it is freezing.
Better get home.
Yes yes you too.
Take care.
because I haven't spoken to anyone in weeks.
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