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july hearne Apr 19
4/20 was ******'s birthday
my sister's birthday is 4/19 so it has been pointed out to me
very bad things happen on either of these days
some that i remember that the facist anti-facists with their black masks, red guard lust, failed parents, ******* teachers, and no future
haven't bothered to revise or laughably attempt to recreate yet:

oklahoma city bombing
some big oil spill
and maybe on 4/19/21
we will see rioters murdered by their own hands

wouldn't that be nice
to not have any psychopathic, worthless white and asian kids preaching to everyone?
it won't be any sort of loss since they seem incapable of comprehending the actual value of human life
or of being able to live it on their own

what i would like to ask this generation, the even weaker one that came before them, their failed parents, and their *******, demented teachers
is when will they all get tired of being the little ***** for their ******* legacy media/power for the few communist/big tech gods? when will they get tired of that?

when the chauvin verdict is announced and when he is not found guilty, because the worthless defense team couldn't do anything but prove this was all staged, this was all staged, this was all staged.

it doesn't seem like they will get tired of that soon,
in seattle, in san francisco, in new york city you can steal $1,000 worth of merchandise. it's just as good as legal.

the stores are moving out.
how convenient for amazon
and all the slave owner cheaters in china.

i don't think they will get tired of it anytime soon.
make a documentary about a dying, homeless man who prostitutes
himself on the streets and calls himself a woman.
after he talks about the neglect and abuse of his childhood,
while clearly displaying symptoms of mental illness and drug addiction
so they can all watch it and leave comments on how brave and beautiful the dying homeless man is. only they will say the man is a beautiful, lovely woman. "such a sweet personality, this beautiful woman has", they will all comment.

but the man is dying. he looks like a man. he has been abused, he is addicted to hard drugs that are killing him. he is bruised. he prostitutes himself and tempts death on a daily basis and all you can say is that he is a beautiful woman.

nothing is ever said of how sad his homelessness, occupation, drug addiction or childhood is. no one is concerned that he is at death's door, they just want to show the love for the delightful woman that he isn't. no one cares about the abused little boy he once was or the dying man he is now.

God is angry every day.
4/19/21 or 4/20/21 are both really good days to be angry.
also have a question for the ccp chinese, what will you do without us since the reavers aren't capable of creating any intellectual property worth stealing? since you can't create any on your own, what exactly are you planning on doing without us? we know making money through ethical means is out for you, so you might want to be worried about now.
kiran goswami Dec 2020
When Sarah Kay said "we all sound the same underwater"

I realised some people belong to outer space.
scarlet-and-gold Aug 2018
I know you don't know me
But I've known you since 14
Like a long time friend
But I just look at a screen
Before I could drive
I watched your rise to fame
Back in 2013

As I wandered the halls
Face heavy as lead
I smeared on black eyeliner
Just as you said
You did at the same age
And I listened to Muse
Alongside the whole phandom
Just cause you liked the band

I'd come home after school
Throw my body on the bed
As the woes of adolescence
Rang over my head
A quiet, depressed girl
Shoving cinnamon bread
Down her throat

I opened my computer
And watched you and Phil
For hours and hours
And hours on end
As many teens still do to this day
You brightened my smile in a way
That very few could do
Especially back in those
Dark days at school

I'd sketch your old username
Into my desk
Hoping that the person
Who sat there next
Might possibly know
Who danisnotonfire is
The chance was small
With only one million subs
You were all ours

Time has passed
I was doing algebra
While you were becoming world famous
I was about to graduate
While you were on tour
I was overcoming my depression
As where you

As fate has it
I reached another all time low
The waves caved in on me
I had no where to turn to
So I retreated back to that place
I went many years ago
And watched your videos
The familiar rhythm of your voice
Your now curly hair
It was like a distant memory
Coming to life again

You and Phil deserve the world, Daniel James Howell
Your smiles and laughter are contagious
In this world of mistrust and confusion
You are there for anyone who needs it
And your fame hasn't changed you one bit
You are who I'm going to show my kids to when I'm 30
My grandkids when I'm 60
And tell them you meant the world to so many
Thank you, Daniel Howell
I love you
My jaws are too heavy to speak
Filled with weighing loads of anguish
My ultimate soul's desire was to speak
Be able to say deep things with ease
But since walls have ears and can speak,
I refuse to allow my troubles push me to the peak.

I looked at myself and all i could see was
A soul filled with despair and broken beyond possible repair
My young soul broken by the pain caused by the sinful state of this world

But to my soul young and free;
I say to thee that thou findeth beauty in the very things that giveth thy life meaning.
Grey is no way forward
Let your mind soar like the eagle above altitudes and learn
Learn the ways of righteous living...
Find hope!!
Find love!!
Find the light and smile
It's just one other trouble.
#findBeauty  #beGlad #life is full of ups and downs  #beTrue  #stayRighteous
Phil Lane Aug 2015
With twisted interest
we watch the newsblonde
shot dead Live on TV
immune to an angry culture
search it out
watch her die
again & again
Billip Phibbs Jan 2015
Man, this Haiku *****.

It's not going anywhere,

It barely made sense.
If you say so?
Billip Phibbs Jan 2015
I know you seen that...

What? ... Her just switch cars like that?

Yup.... She doin' *****.
NO LOVE for a Thot.

— The End —