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sarah kayy Mar 2017
projectt of. time

let me taste it
smell it
visualize it
make it as a play
its not like ill delay
ill then be ready to 'slay'
  Feb 2017 sarah kayy
I want to do everything.
I want to be adventurous.
I am a risk taker.
I am an ENFP.
I want to skydive.
I want to shark dive.
I want to climb mountains,
Explore caves.
Sleep on a beach:
Under a blanket of stars.
I want to go on a mission trip
I want to help so many.
I feel like every day as a 'kid'
Is a day I could have taken
In my life to do what I love.
There's only so much time.
And it's true life is short
And I hate waiting for the moment
I can hop on a plane
And begin my *adventure
sarah kayy Nov 2016
bird of joy forgot to pass by
atleast to come say hi

behid every loud laugh
is long cry
or a cold heart
were a bird of joy is dead
died with silence
without any realization or recognition
maybe cause of the given hard mission
it was un breakable un shakeable

new birds are still born
let our nest bloom to their wants
to get them breading and growing  in there.
sarah kayy Nov 2016
how does a soul breath
without love
would it just inhale and not exhale
wont it burst
or are some peoples souls made like that
how does a soul function
without love
do its eyes ever open
or do they ever close to blink
are they cursed if theyre too blinded not to see the beauty
or is the curse when they just see beauty of others and want it
how does a soul sleep
without love
does nt it cuddle
doesnt it feel cold
or has it pointlessly adapted to the stiffness
aug 17
sarah kayy Nov 2016
the higher u rise
the harder u fall
no matter how tall
nomatter how strong  
no matter how sturdy
no matter how solid
your wallis  built
even a little rocket
barely spotted  
would be highly unwanted
lots of little problems clotted
will easily get you wounded
how could it simply just be valid
how could it simply be unfair
sarah kayy Mar 2016
long nails do cut
scratch and tear
wish i could see what power of theirs that i  would fear
and  the type they ve got
but secrets are locked
cause if revealed never forgot
sarah kayy Mar 2016
eatin up by creatures
more like monsters
with similar structure
faces and traces
along with races
but its just about the gender \
so you tryna cause some ******  
well we ll invade all towers
with the almighty 's power
maybe they hadn't known
how hard the can be torn and blown
mean , gender inequality  , happy womens day
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