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Ekzentrique Mar 2
Wala pa sa paaralan
Matunog na kaniyang pangalan
“Sarah.. Sarah..”
Anak ng isang mayaman

Dahil sa kaniyang ama
Marami siyang kaibigan
At dahil sa maraming pera
May mga taong nakamata sa kaniya

Ngunit ganoon ba talaga
Sa pera at pangalan bumabase ang mga tao
Kahit hindi pa nakikita
Kahit pa na ang destinasyon ay malayo
Ekzentrique Feb 2020
She was a gem
Concealed, hiding
Among the stones

Afraid of being played
And over again

She's tired
Seeing herself on an endless loop
Of getting back to you

Her words now sting
Like a poison
Never meant to be drank

She's tired
Sitting idly, waiting for something
For love that's never coming

She'll soon stand up
Her legs numb, shaking
But hopefully will heal

Sooner she'll forget
How to get back
Into your arms

Closer, she'll forget
How your hands
Felt colliding with hers

She'll forget
How to put a smile
Upon the sight of you

Surely she'll forget
The utopia she created
When she found you

But she'll remember
One thing
The unbearable pain

And one day
She'll be standing
Holding another's hand
Para sayo.
Susulat ako.
Di na malalaman.
Natapos na ang walang hangganan.
Ekzentrique Feb 2020
Di pipigilan
ang puso
na tumangis

Ang luha
sa pagpatak
nang dahan-dahan

Ilalakad pa rin
ang mga nanginging na paa
kahit masakit

Imumulat ang mga mata
habang lumuluha
at tinitingnan ka papalayo

Bubuksan ang kamay
lalo na't hindi
na hawak ang iyong palad

Hahagkan ang hangin
sa pagbabakasakaling
ika'y babalik

Titingnan ka na lang
sa malayo
at ngingiti

Sa pagkakataong iyon
alam kong ika'y
masaya sa kanyang piling

Hindi na pipilitin
at alam kong
ika'y di para sakin

At lalaging sasabihin
na kung hindi lang din ikaw
ay huwag na lang

Sa muling pagtatagpo
sa huling pagkikita
sa huling hininga
Alam ko namang kasalanan ko ang lahat. Hindi mo deserve ang lalaking katulad ko. Tatanggapin ko na mas magiging masaya ka sa piling ng iba. Pakiusap. Ayaw ko na ulit na masaktan ka.
Ekzentrique Jan 2020
It was a hot Sunday afternoon on my way to the bus terminal
Wearing khaki shorts, white converse, and my favorite blue shirt
Walking under the scorching sun like some Quiapo criminal
Craving for ***** ice cream and buy one like the woman on red skirt

Tired, I arrived at the terminal and heard the conductor shout,
“Lucena, Lucena, Lucena,” so I ran and immediately went on
There were a couple chattering and beside them their kid, a scout
Vendors selling Chicharon and Espasol and then they were gone

I can see from my seat most of the bus’ eccentric passengers
One is a weary mother and her cherubic baby crying out loud
A busy businessman on a call, and another is a group of fashioners
But I thought these were all temporary, a transient crowd

So, I stared beyond the vast plains and the nature in disguise
None was ever permanent in this episode, my deep introspection
But one thing I know is certain as sure as the sun will rise
That is slowly I am nearing home, I’m sure of my destination
My journey en route home
Ekzentrique Jan 2020
Petrifying yellow agony that I concealed inside my mind
Made untouchable even from my brown bare hands
Escape like a prisoner but the end is dark and nowhere to find
Untimely, these scarlet embers burning in the sands

Succumbed into a swirling abyss of agonizing questions
A bizarre episode of losing in a game we all call Life
Only cascading tears are present in effortful actions
Merciless, stabbing me relentlessly with a stainless knife

These thoughts have been in my weary heart for the longest time
Hidden under the deepest chambers preventing anyone to discover
Hindering myself to soar with blissfulness, it’s the most violent crime
Lest, I’ll be ****** and impossible to recover

Mixed thoughts of melancholy and sorrow, these are all fleeting
Although these were the ones that left a massive and painful scar
Shrouded by the blanket of smiles behind an unbearable sting
I cannot wake up from this nightmare yet because it’s dawning afar
Ekzentrique Jan 2020
Growing older
Made me feel less
Certain occasions
Turned worst from best

Birthdays used to be special
And Christmas Holidays, too
I was feeling ecstatic
Now I just feel blue

New Years
Don't excite me anymore
Opportunities knocking
I will just close the door

Is this what growing old means?
Bringing home stress
Everyday I just feel
Believing a little less
I'm tired of growing older
Ekzentrique Dec 2019
I gotta keep myself wide awake
But sleep is knocking in my eyes
A weariness still lies within my gaze
And despair painted upon my face

Fighting silently within my crying soul
Are the invisble monsters that I created
Terrifying me even on my sweetest daydreams
Unleashing the petrifying pain

Engulfing me with the illusion
That the sunrise will be near
Unveiling the mask that I built
To feign the cascading tear

But I gotta make a straight face
And smile as though nothing bad is happening
Cause none will care
If I'm the one who needed saving
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