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I don’t want to be your friend.
I want to kiss your neck.
I want to sink deep into your arms
and never return to the shore.
I want to travel to the parts of you
which no one has dared yet to explore.
I want to be yours—
I want my body to be yours.
and i want yours to be mine.
but for our hearts to do the same?
that’s much easier said than done.
your strong shoulders make me feel safe,
I look into your eyes, admire your face
and slowly, I might be falling
for the way you hold me,
and the jokes you make.
I lay on your chest and rest
I listen to your heartbeat,
no time to be stressed.
and slowly, I might be falling
for the nights and our vibe,
it’s hard to describe
and I don‘t know where this is going
but baby, let‘s just keep it flowing.

- gio -
Brianna Ki Jun 2018
the leaves fall as they die
the rain when the clouds cry

rose petals fall as the color fades
tears when her heart breaks

stars fall to make her wishes come true
her hair when she undresses you

all of these fall,
just like she falls
for you...
Erin Nicole Sep 2016
You're my babe, baby, ***.
You're my love, life, miracle.
Your're my one and only.
You're mine.

I'm your babygirl.
I'm your babe.
I'm your love.
I'm yours.

You're funny, sweet, loving.
You're sporty, cute, caring.
You're trusting, loyal, smart.
You're mine.

I'm loyal, loving, trust-worthy.
I'm caring, sweet, respectful.
I'm smart, peaceful, protective.
I'm yours.

You might not win the game, but you sure have won my heart. <3
Mikayla May 2015
Why do I feel this way?
I see you hold hands with her,
and it’s like a bucket of ice water,
drowns me in sorrow.
I knew I shouldn’t let you go.
I’m sorry, I’m so weak.
So fragile.
I can’t take the heat,
that surrounds you.
Many lust for you.
Many want you.
You chose me.
Now I lost you.
I’m tired, of fighting.
I’ll wait for you.
I’m slowly falling for you.

— The End —