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J Jun 2018
She awakens.

Not expecting the rush..
the relief...
the gratitude...
Not expecting this chance to dance another day.

Not expecting the chance...
The courage..
To finally ask which way is up.

And finally hearing the answer.

And knowing exactly where to go.
For any concerned readers this is not a current state of mind (but not total fiction, years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and overcame it so definitely empathy here) but the recent celebrity suicides have made me wonder - what if their failure to succeed or even better earlier recognition they were in trouble could have been the catalyst to either destimatizing depression rather than their success?  Why is depression or anxiety considered to be weak when practically every person I have ever met has dealt with it to some degree?  How do we change this?
KMH Apr 2018
They say when you hit
The only way left to go
Is up.
But what happens
When I reach
the top
of the mountain?
What happens
when there is no way
to reach higher?
is that my Limit?
When you reach the bottom,
the only way left to go
is up.
When you reach the top
Can you go no further?

I think
I’m crashing down.
Based on the "gifted child burnout" troupe.
© KMH 2018
Dom Bobek Jan 2018
Every time I feel
like I hit rock bottom,
life brings me something
that makes my smile blossom.

And with a smile on my lips,
I carry on with the digs.

And after that smile
turns back into a frown,
I look around and realize
I'm even further down !
Chill Nov 2017
Blood sweat tears…

These are the juices of my creativity
My very own  muse
Rock bottom and I have met quite often
And I scrapped climbing back up
I get tired and perspire cos its really deep
Deep to lose a friend
Deep to fail again and again
So in my frustration my eyes will leak
And the future will seem bleak
Blood sweat tears
I should hate you but i don’t
In fact your flow reminds me of just how weak I am and just how strong He is
Your flow clears my eyes to see
Your flow makes me sad
But these floors at rock bottom hold countless wisdoms and learning
I do not grasp them always or immediately but when I do I never forget them
Blood sweat tears
Flow freely
is a place
where strong warriors
display self-control -
by finding their ground
and picking themselves up - collected.

By Lady R.F ©2016
Sam Nov 2016
When you think you have seen it all,
When you believe nothing worse could ever happen.
When you think, "How could my life get crazier?"

Think again...

As soon as you think you've hit rock bottom,
As soon as you think you've seen it all...

Someone comes down the mine shaft, with a jackhammer in hand,
Breaking through a barrier,
*you thought could never be penetrated.
The scoreboard flips it's numbers once again.
A husk, a shadow,
a memory now weak.
A place to avoid,
a number to delete.
A face to forget,
a life given up.
A name to erase,
etched into your skull.
A myriad of hopes,
to remember as dreams.
A time spent alone
to weaken the seams.

A reason to drink.
A reason to cry.
A reason to laugh.
A reason to lie.
A past to detest,
a loss to accept.
A reason to bruise,
to soften the truth.
An excuse to abuse;
a home, to lose.
b e mccomb Sep 2016
i went outside for a walk
took a shower when i got in

(we're not going to talk
about how i slept until
eleven and went back to
bed from one to four)

calluses coming back
to the bottoms of my feet
and those scabs and sores
on my scalp again

i tried to lower my
own standards
because i wasn't able
to meet them today

(but that leaves me
feeling like i've failed)

and i don't know how
to say what's on my mind

(i think i've hit
rock bottom
but if i made it to here
i could probably go lower)

sleep deprivation is
absolutely natural
because nothing feels real
even when i'm rested


i'm incredibly sorry
for most things i do

*(never mind.)
Copyright 9/6/16 by B. E. McComb
Leigh Marie Aug 2016
Who's to say
that tomorrow, you'll be any more ready than you were yesterday
that soon enough your demons will be gone and nothing will hold you back
or even circumstances will be different

Stop waiting for life to change as an opportunity to change your life
you can not hold it off, much longer
it must come from you first
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