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Pete McIntire Jul 2018
While doing my laundry with dish soap
surrounded by sticky tape littered in flies

I wonder if Jesus walked a mile in my shoes
What he would react like?

Would he smile & wave
& hold back his tears
Would he scrub out all of the blood stains
Or would he just throw it all away
Would he take down all of these flags
& put up Anarchy ones instead?
Would he DM a girl?
Would he accept the world?

For what it really is,
Or try & make it new?

Would he make the correlation
That we walk on soil filled with sin
That was broken down from the core
Of the forbidden fruit?

Nothing is nice
My life isn’t okay.
Would Jesus keep on pushing or,
Resurrect my sister & take her place?

That’s a trade that I’d be willing to take;
While knowing that I’ll own up to these words

One day.

Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
As I slowly become an afterthought;
the winds pick up & change.

I pray that you fail in every love that you touch &,
karma finds you one of these days.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
There’s a heartbeat in my head.

******* lines my nose &,
There’s an angel in my bed.

“My Views From the Bottom”
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Go ahead;
Break me down.
Become the reason that I never come around.

Go ahead;
Cut my throat
Leave & take what matters the most.


I was told once;
“Be right with God & all things will pass”
& although I’ve never taken this stance
It appears to be all that I have.

So Broken, sick &, poor,
My god I turn to you.
Walk with me in my valley of death
& be the rays that guide me thru.
Pete Mcintire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
The Dr. said that I'm not doing okay
I replied, "What is that?".

Then he shrugged his shoulders
& dropped some change into my hat.

See me as the garbage;
The tarnished stain that's turning green from oxidation.

When really I've just opened my eyes
to hear the lies from my heavily medicated nation.

My tattoos say that I cant find work
My felonies say that I'll die in prison.

I was hospitalized for mental health conditions
three separate times when I was 13.


Dear Mom,
I was only being a kid.
I never thought that talking back;
would take any chance for my life to be lived.

You made me an addict before I had a chance to say No to drugs.
I am the product of a war against the ghetto & all I did was play with bugs.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
That awkward moment when you think, maybe you weren't meant to travel so much.

When no matter where you end up, all that you can think about is one place.

The problem occurs when the only person that you can think about isn't in that place.

6 from 1 &,
half a' dozen from another.
My life steps back from time;
Into a void without my lover.

Bring me back to life;
Take me from the weeds.
My world is solid brown;
When it used to be so green.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Some days
go quicker than others

Some hours
can last all day

Every minute
you're on my mind

With a break down seconds away.
Pete McIntire
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