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I’m finally 14, finally a teen finally here
You’d think I’d be happy you’d think I’d cheer,
Who knew how hard this could be
Second year at it and I want to flee.

I’ve had it to here with all of these responsibilities
There’s never a chance I just get to be me,
Finally a grown up yet it feels so wrong
The madness just started but it’s been so long,.

I only have 2 hands and one mind
So how can I balance everything in the grind,
How can I stay standing with so much on my shoulders
They call it a small world but I’m holding up boulders.

Maybe the world could put itself on pause
While I pick up the pieces and justify this lost cause,
It’s hard to make the grades when I sit there in doubt
I’m sorry sir but my heart just fell out,
Can you give me a moment to put it back in place
And another two just to cry in disgrace.

I’m one in million no make that billion who live on this planet
Yet I seem to be the only one who can’t figure it out **** it,
I’m the only one who can’t get it all together
From school to home to dressing for the weather.

I remember the days when I was so free
Nothing to think about but my family and me,
What went wrong in my picture perfect life
Oh reality stepped in with its overbearing knife.

Now my days are all but happy and family drifts apart
It’s not only boggled my mind but broken my heart,
So I ask of the man oh way up there
Please give me an answer send me your care,
Just a little piece for a lonely little girl
That little bit a clarity would mean the world,
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Anya Sep 2018
Lips pursed
Blatant irritation
Eyes flickering, like little fireflies
Shining a spot light
On every little piece of dust
Remotely out of place
In my room
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
Good morning new day..
I arise early I pray..
I'm humbled and grateful..
Not too sure as to which tasks to tackle at first.

There's a hint of thirst..
The desire to get accomplished what was left undone yesterday.
Good morning again new day..
I'm reminded its still so early..
Don't know what will feel the worst.

Not getting done all the mind usually has rehearsed.
Or not getting something new done first.

Ok breakfast.. no nothing till lunch..
Maybe do a brunch.
when do I fit a workout in..
Best time about ten..a.m
Be sure to get your vitamins taken.

Anxious to get prepared for today's work.
Allergy flared up..
Showered and all cleaned up.
All kinds of task yelling for my attention..
Some for work, some about business.
And some for my own pleasure.
Twenty four hours is the length of measure.
Yet theres this sense of pressure.


No wonder I feel tired already..
It's only the beginning..
Yet so much is already awaiting..

Thanks for reading this lil dose of new day waiting..
selinasharday's @H.E.R Poetic Collectionz
s.a.m copy right..2018
new day starting assignments pressure, needs, wants, must be dones today is the day.. procrastinations and the more.
Between the P's of Pressures and pleasures!
Sovit Pokhrel May 2018
A Child
trapped in flesh and bones

A Child
chained in lies,
bound by norms,
trapped in a civilisation.

A child
chained in expectations,
bound by culture,
trapped in a society.

A child
Consumed by fear,
brianwashed and programmed,
trapped in flesh and bones.

A child
peeking through a window
waiting to be free!
waiting to be, just
A child.
deep down inside, the child is crying out in all of us.
screaming for  freedom.
Rahama May 2018
Another approach
Same strategies
Same chain of command
Different authorities
A mesmerizing complex structure;
Circumventing individual responsibilities.

How can we strive?
How can we grow?
Every being as important as the next;
For the success of a mission years away from fulfilment.

Everyone has a part to play
Every part must be played fully
Or else stagnancy is well around the corner.

For development,
The team must be strong.
They must be together.
They must have the same goals,
Or everything crumbles.
Thank you for reading ♥
Danielle Mar 2018
At the age of twenty-five
I sat myself down for a long, long talk
About how I wasn’t really all that grown up.
“I can’t say no to you,
And perhaps I really should.
There was supposed to be marriages and babies,
All by this point.” I sighed
“But there’s been laughter and love
And millions of perfect moments,
So you have free reign.
Be whichever age you need to be.”
I'm almost afraid to write one for 28 at this point, we'll see how 29 goes lol
Adelaide London Oct 2017
What if I'm sick of it?
What if I'm sick of the role you have so eloquently written for me?
What can I do if you are obsessed with colouring in the lines while I yearn to draw outside of them?
What if I go off script and say something foolish, dumb -stupid even.

What if I want to let go of it?
Let go of the loneliness that accompanies the burden of being perfect.
What if you realise that the higher you set your expectations for me, the further you will fall.

I am not ready to carry that responsibility.
I am not ready to be perfect.

Was feeling a bit down and scribbled this down in my journal. Thought I would share it with you online too :)
Ramsha May 2017
A letter to the older me,
In the upcoming future nobody knows who they are going to become or with whom are they going to be? Now that's a question?Well everyone is busy enough to achieve their goals and desires while we forget thinking about our future.We are all growing up but we often forget we have responsibilities ahead. Some of us would become A mother some A father. But as we talk about ten years from now we all would have settled happy families and kids.Some would be wives some husbands some great some not so great. We would be great  "Parents". A person needs to make efforts for every relation to be held together be it 'Mother-daughter',Spouse' Etc...The aim for future is to be a good person and then play the role of anyone in someone's life.
Sarah Isma Oct 2016
That's just it
you get it, you get what I mean
but at the same time
you don't
I know where I stand right now
but i just don't know if i can hold up anymore
that all these responsibilities are just a part of life
you said
That we'd make it through together
but that was all a lie
Because I saw you shatter
and break
and fall into pieces.
If the person I look up to the most is actually the weakest
then I'll prove it to you
that from now on I will try my best
to be your strongest.
I had a rough day and I had someone to comfort me when I was at my lowest and he made me smile in my sleep. I didn't think that only then I'd woke up at 2am to find him crying outside my bedroom door. I didn't sleep after that, and I never really found out why I was never there for him, because I thought nothing would've break him. I guess we're all human.
Emily Chambers Oct 2016
I feel like an adult,
An adult is what I am.
Someone to come home to,
A paycheck,
I have it all
And more.

The desire to start my life
Is palpable,
The strongest feeling I've had,
Yet still so far.
I'm not done being a child,
A child is what I am.
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