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Mar 28
Reality is scary
The beautiful dream is dying
Like all you had built was an imagination
And now you are no longer on medication
There are so many  tears to shed
Crying until your eyes dry
Wishing you had wings to fly
To escape into a world refined
One with no troubles
One you want to tell a story about
The  architect to give it the design it holds and deserves
But no it's your time to taste
The bitterness  of this world
To drink from the same river animals go to drink
To make a fire and get burnt by it
To hope and never get all you wish for
To stumble and fall but still get up
To unlock all those talents you didn't know you had
To live the life of a poor kid and know it's  no curse
To share the little you have
To know there is always a blessing that comes with giving
Now is the time to shuffle the cards
To mold yourself into one ready for anything
Joy, pain, sorrow, happiness
All lighting on different candles
You have the power to blow out those you don't need
Keep those that light up your life
Now is the time to take the stand of being a man
The story about life
Each bad situation is always a test
However we are masters of our fate and can brighten our sad days
Wekiya Brian Cyrus
Written by
Wekiya Brian Cyrus  20/M/Uganda
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