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Fame Flame Sep 4
Tell me if you do
Cause I'll tell you back
Take a friend's help or use a love hack
You've tortured me enough already, honey
Don't tell me the names of the girls you've been with all this while
It's time for you to come back to me.
Do you still have your part of the fate string? Cause I've kept mine safe with me.
Oh, my pretty soulmate, you’re bound with me, just like how I'm bound with you.
So, tell me when we're meeting to reunite the thread.
when you're going to tell me you love me.
Cause you know I'll say it back
Fame Flame Feb 16
Lately I’ve been thinking ‘bout some boys
Cause of ‘em I’ve gained a little poise
But one of them really stands out, no lies
Got me infatuated with his eyes
And lately I’ve been painting his face,
Caught me staring many times, no disgrace
Friends all say he’s got me losing my mind
I tell ‘em that I’m really really fine
He’s got tagging along, a long line
Of girls and guys waiting to see him smile
I’m another adorer at his shrine
Devoting all my love, life, all my time
Lately I'm forgetting who I was
Orbiting him all day with no cause
And I know I won't be able to confess
Cause mouthing all those words
Gives me stress.
Lord save me from this adolescent mess!
Total teenage trash, I guess. Here goes nothing....
Fame Flame Feb 16
We were just like sailors in the pleasant ocean breeze
Sailed past each other
With heart beats that increased,
Don’t wanna keep you as a distant memory.
I've been staying up late thinking about you all night
Wondering if you too felt the soulmate connection
As we sailed past each other
In the pleasant ocean breeze.
Wrote for someone I truly cherished for a short time, without their knowledge.
Fame Flame Feb 16
Scars, that I’ve been hiding all my life
With scarves
Bruises, witness of what the truth is
Red eyes, brimming pearls of lost truces
Yelling, Blaming and banners of ‘Deserved it’
Never saw the alarm signs
They were not bold enough, like me
Always told that I’m fine, when I couldn’t even breathe
Maybe it’s been hash on me lately and
I don’t wanna make you too feel low
Maybe just pull me closer and never let me go
Cause the scars are now aching
And the bruises, deep blue
The pearls are now sold for ground breaking news
The yelling has me shaken; I stand with heart that’s broken
Too many times like my body
But you’re innocent, oddly.
Scarves, that have been hiding scars for long
I put them free
Cause I again, wanna feel like me.
This work was inspired by the constant headlines of ****** assaultment and abuse, regardless of gender. As a teeneger myself, all these thoughts take over me,as I take out my pen and paper and ponder the pain.
To all the fighters out there who've gone through immense and unimaginable extents of mental trauma, I give you this work of poetry. More power to you!
Fame Flame Feb 16
It’s not what you think
It’s what I made you to believe in
I censor it
Paranoia pulling deep ends
My words are bruised
Coming straight from heart of warrior
Losing a truce
Counting days when we were merrier
I see them staring deep,
Fishing my answers and my secrets
It’s like I am, an open book easy to tear which
Can be thrown away whenever you would want to
Hold it sternly, it has stories of
scars with faint blues
I yell at my heart with all strength that I’ve left
To speak up against insecurities and deep anxiousness
Someone will hold your hand only if you put it forward
And leave you too,
If its fed with fake jolly smiles and pictures
I’ll tell you this truth,
If I’m ever being honest.
But that’s the thing....
I’m never being honest.
This poetry comes straight from a mind filled with insecurities and fears of saying something that she might regret later.  A poem; written by a midnight overthinker, who sees herself as a person who cannot express with right words when she speaks but can pour her heart when she writes....
Fame Flame Dec 2020
When you look into my eyes
and say words I can’t hear
I want you besides me
When I shed my midnight tears
I tell myself that I love you, But do I?
I don’t even know the colour of your eyes
Is it because I don’t know you or
Because I have lost the courage to know
When you look into my eyes
And say words I can’t hear
I look away with crimson red
And shed my tear in a blink
I am building up the courage,
To look into your eyes so bright  
And tell you all my feelings that I’ve caged through the night
But Oh dear! When you look into my eyes
And say words I still can’t hear
Then I’ll be swimming in your heavenly orbs
Least would I care
I again lost the courage to know if they’re
Blue or black?
I’m preparing myself for your next handsome attack.
Fame Flame Sep 2020
I want to cry and weep,
Hate the world and streets.
Find the direction spread,
Filled with humorous cracks.
Tears provoke me again,
Becomes the second shelly.
Feed me in the blossom,
I request my lord.
Your creations mockut,
For thy loveliest child,
Metiril of pride and anger.
Make me colorful ashes,
Buried, no burn makes me immortal,
Under of horiziner of sky.
Tried something new. Hope you get the thought! Thanks for reading!!
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