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K Balachandran May 2018
sweet emotion blooms,
as she gently sashays near;
hearts resonate, melt!
Amanda Apr 2018
I wish I could freeze moments shared in the past
The courageous minute time sealed certain fate
The little girl I was, stubborn, stupid, and immature
Wanted too badly to be your forever mate.

My young heart; pure and poetic
Easily misled by alcoholic lips
Remember our first real conversation? I melted
I long to have those same sweet stomach flips.

I watch you now, older body and face
Laugh at how blind I was to your flaws
While clouds darken the past even more
You breathe in the same hurt you cause.

Cannot see beyond the suffering
I watch you try to rekindle the fire
You dance among burning embers
Absence dismissed, I begin to tire.

A soundtrack to our summers
Birdsong always seemed to fill loyal air
Now cheerful melody seems mocking
Inhaling their tunes with barely a care.

Out the window, I recognize clear roads
Recollect ancient paths, sigh and reflect
The breeze is the temperature it was then
Can't withstand the ice memories collect.

Heart trips over unclaimed baggage
I cannot see how big yoursuitcase really seems
You're dying, at least part of your life is
You are fine with losing all our dreams.

In your gaze rest a few hints of regret
Out of time, still let it finally show
Bedroom reminds me of the worst pieces of us
Feel like the walls contain secrets only we know.

Sitting on my floor, staring at a small mirror
An assaulting intruder is what I see looking back
An unwelcome guest forced her way in
My view alights an invisible attack.

The fangs you sunk beneath my skin
Always had me ensnared
You were worse than a drug, loved your high
No matter what family said I never cared.

Sight muddy from substances, I was stumbling
Didn't think I could be ready to say goodbye
Back in those days I owned no worry or concerns
Now I am chased by echoes of a beautiful lie.

Did I fall for you, or your friendly illusions?
Looking backwards, its hard to seperate
Which chapters were real and which were fake
Regardless, they will not cease to resonate.
Memories are bittersweet
They slumber in their stubbornness, they, alone

They have seen their brethren and extensions lost to the ebenflow

All that is left of themselves is what has not been lost or given.

They have shielded the meek since they left, the safety of the waters, to the bountiful yet perilous shores and banks.

A foot hold for the scenery and possibilities a fort against the storms and heavens tribulations.

Shadows cast, air guided

To be left, alone, I have to leave all I've known or Is known.
I think me a star when I'm only dust.

I try sympathize and synchroniz not knowing I is the disconnect.

I wake in their home surrounded in my stubbornness now they think me my own.

Dust for the young monoliths to grow.
I was in a valley/ canyon in Mpumalanga the air was clear and a storm was a day away.
Medicated and meditated these are some words I remember
Written In a way the stanzas look like peaks in a range.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
lovely,clear pond.
daydreams  lily profusion.
ripples resonate.
Seema Sep 2017
As I close my eyes and resonate
The feelings of despair
You stand at my conscious gate
Begging for a chance to repair

Just as your thoughts take swells
In my trembling broken heart
Inner voices sympathize and tells
Now is a good time to stay apart

As my phone beeps and rings
I know it's him, going insane
Shattered dreams it brings
Now it's his time to bear the pain

My mind says "No", my heart says "Go"
Another chance to make things right
But the feelings just spills and throws
What if he plans another fight

What the heck, I'll just answer his call
Tell him, it's over and forget everything
But my bleeding heart begs to fall
Let's give another shot and forget everything...

Lessons learnt.
Seanathon Jun 2017

Because I like her voice.


Because it feels like home.
Simple resonation. Just because.
Nikunj Oct 2016
Let the whispers of Spring
adorn our way to the point
where rainbows kiss the crossroads
with a spiritual rain sprinkle.

Let every convoluted cloud
come apart to pour refreshment
on the ground work of intention
to nourish these labors with liquid love.

If only we could flow like sand grains
to the ocean's serenity,
Life could be a smile richer
while divine inertia soaks us.

Salty tears might fall awash
in it's grandeur, and consternation
lost in its immensity
upon it's rumpled surface
peace would percolate
sans the navigation of an evil hand...
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
Much poetry
May fade quickly
From memory.
Though there are such
That move us much,
Our souls do touch.

Catch us off guard
Or strike a chord,
Our hearts reward.
Some witty, wry
Some make us cry
Or wonder why.

Others inspire
Dreams and desire,
Ignite a fire.
Many appeal
for they are real,
They make us feel.

The truly great
They resonate.
"Poetry is to me
As leaves are to the tree"

— The End —