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levi Jan 5
hello, you.
it feels like sitting with someone new.
i can barely remember the first half of last year and can barely remember the reasons why i cried so much last year,
i know this year will be different
because you feel different.
but nonetheless,
i ask of you to treat me with kindness.
i'm starting everyday with deep breaths,
holding my hands to the ground,
reminding myself that you are in fact not out to get me.
you, please treat me kindness.
twitter: @omw2you
Danila Mokhonko Jan 2019
when times
turn to lines,
and we deform
through indigenous

we, as the ones
that had time stand
perfectly still
at midnight,
between the past
and the

gave in to the
sloth, the
gluttony, the
pride, the
wrath, the
lust, the
greed, the
and chose to

on the

on the absurd,
with the
cheeks and foreheads,
on the absurd
with the
black dresses, shirts
and smiles,
on the absurd,
with all its wobbling,
and hungover
in the

we gave ourselves up
to be groped by the force of time,
and time ended up
making love to us,

the table fills
with empty cups,
and we
the cups topple,
lay a new,

our restless hearts
beating feet.
Pete King Dec 2018
Smooth down the next clean page
As you bid this chapter farewell.
The story of life isn't easy to write,
But there's still so much left to tell.

So, take a breath for composure,
And spend every moment this year
Creating a tale to leave readers in awe
And your grandkids bored-to-tears.
Happy New Year! Huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of the stuff that I've made over the last year.
Pete King Dec 2018
I stopped striving for the perfect year,
Because my concept of "perfection" was flawed.
I was chasing a scenario in which,
I could go a full rotation of the sun
without anything going astray,
All my dreams being fulfilled.

This search for perfection,
Was like looking at a window,
And being annoyed because
All I could see was a sheet of glass.

But, I decided to alter my desires;
Try to live single year in hopes of good autobiography.

To say yes more often.
And say no when needed.
To relish in successes.
And learn from mistakes.
To love without exception.
And to be kind without expectation.
To revel in every single wonderful moment as they come,
And not letting their fleeting nature feed the bitter parts of me.

Don't chase the perfect year.
Chase an amazing story.
Leave readers captivated.
And your grandkids bored-to-death.
Henk Holveck Jan 2018
hushed weeping ignored every time we scroll through our feeds.

broken souls lay in despair debating whether to keep breathing.

cries for help are screaming through tweets, photos, and posts.

only to go ignored, or sometimes even mocked.

for those fortunate enough to be pretty or extroverted
while you are surrounded by whom you call "friends."
taking pictures with these cute faces who will go home
only to talk about how ugly what you were wearing was.

for those who were alone over the holidays.

know this, you are not the only human alone.

the last three birthdays, Christmases, and NYE celebrations

have been solitary for me. it hurts. i cry. dark thoughts cloud me

there isn't anything anyone can say to make the feelings go.

extreme loneliness is when you don't desire to be alone.

don't let their smiles break your heart more.
don't allow the facade of their "friend's" fool you.
anyone can gather people and take an Instagram pic.
i want you to stay healthy, those people will be alone too.

if nothing else, i am always available to listen.

for i am part of the forgotten ones.

don't let that big heart that is breaking self-destruct.
Alex Jan 2018
We should be together, we shouldn't be acting like this. I blame it on the New Year's Eve kiss.
We were supposed to hang out today, but you went away when I mentioned the New Year's Eve kiss.
We are not dating, this I know, but we aren't just friends either, don't you know? Your making a huge huff about this its just a New Year's Eve kiss.
You're at your house and I'm at mine trying to keep myself from crying. I want this New Year's Eve kiss.
Drinking alone is often better then not. But tonight it is not better.
Mitch Prax Dec 2017
For some reason,
this is the one day of the year
where we place an immense amount
of pressure on ourselves
to have fun, to be social.
On Valentine’s Day,
you’re either with your partner
or you’re not.
On Christmas, you’re with family.
On your birthday, anything goes.
But on New Years,
you’re either out
having a blast or
you’re all
Austin Heath Jan 2017
I grow tired of you hurting yourself with me.
You learn to hate me.
We don’t talk anymore.

My nightmares become fatal.

I stop responding because I don’t know how to answer, and I spend Christmas alone passing out wine-drunk to Naruto. I’m not sorry. My mother calls and I don’t know what to say, and neither does she. Then New Years Eve approaches like a dark cloud to water our crop, and wash away our debts,


my acquaintances want to have a fistfight, and I’m asked to be a witness in the police report [but I clearly remember nothing happening, through shades of alcohol].

I clearly remember at the beginning of the night I told you I don’t **** with cops.

Yet, now you’re surprised it makes me uncomfortable.

My daydreams grow immersive. My gameplay grows sloppy.
My reactions grow dull. My body grows weak.
This stranger tastes like cigarettes.
I don’t clearly remember the rest.
Atlas Jan 2017
Red wine sets my insides on fire
I am filled with desire
My dreams take towards the sky
It makes me feel like I can fly
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